Monday, 14 August 2006

But somewhere in between

Had a right laff yesterday ~ went to Macau fer shopping n general arsing about on a hot sunny day. Suffice to say, it were fab. Me and me Japanese mate trawled one end of Macau to’t other, buying peanut brittle-type stuff (world famous, dontchaknow), various souvenir tat and suchlike, and taking about sixty million photos.

We also discovered the hard way that pretty much all the buses are circulars. No prizes fer guessing we ended up back at t’ ferry terminal, thinking we’d find Tai Pan by getting off at the end. Hilarity ensued as we battled on in a mixture of Portuguese and Chinese instructions. Funny thing is, I could read about 80% of t’Chinese signs etc, but unless I’d worked it out first, had no clue wi the Portuguese. Me mate were like, “but you’re European, you should recognise some of this writing,” and I’ve went, “’ey! English, not European! Don’t you dare lump me in wi the French”, etc. etc. Pardon my racism.

We got to see cannon, some dodgy road named fer some important bloke called Barbosa (no relation ~ probably!), and lotsa Portuguese-type egg tarts. Bloody marvellous. We arsed about ont ferry there an back like school kids on a field trip, lacking the stern watchful eye of a teacher. It were great ~ I felt like I were fourteen again... Anyway, in summary, Macau is neither Chinese nor Portuguese ~ but somewhere in between.

I’ll post summat else later… like a few days later. I’m absolutely cream-crackered.

Ta to me mate fer being right handy wi the digital camera!

Peach and lube.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~



You were called European and you didn't assault them with a deadly weapon? Must be a very good mate.

* (asterisk) said...

What do you mean, you can't speak/read Portuguese. It's got to be easier than Chinese, no?

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