Friday, 18 August 2006

Peter Who?

August 16th were anniversary o the Peterloo incident. Some things never change, eh.

Had Wee Shite in me class again. Only he’s now been upgraded to Wee Cunt, as he’s been annoying not just me but t’other teacher 'cross hall an all. I don’t see why we don’t just put the little fucker down. A double-tap through ‘t head should do it, I reckon.

Had him sat ont hands, not saying a word, fer thirty minutes while the rest of us sat and had a right good time playing games. An he kept saying: “this is no fair, ah!”
“Ah, well that’s where you’re wrong,” says I, ‘quick at the backchat’, “this is extremely fair, because you’ve been a naughty boy for the past hour. You sit there and think about how this time, right now, would have been different if you’d only behaved.”
He sat there alright, not another bastard peep out of ‘im, while we chuckled and played, oblivious of ‘is envious gaze. I look forward to next week.

In other news, went to see the Japanese film “Death Note” last night. It’s great ~ everyone should watch it! Please see here fert story. I’m not writing it out again.

That’s all really, and to tell you all I’m counting down ‘t days till me best mates get here from Blighty. I’ve stocked up on vodka and biscuits, I’ve just got to clean the place and get some bedding in, and then I’m sorted and ready. Counting the days, I tell you!

Peach and lube!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


granny w said...

what a freak - counting down the days.... I don't have a fuck off chart on the wall at work counting down days at all - who said I did - liars!

granny w said...

11 people being killed is not a massacre - it's a normal saturday night in glasgow - fucking bunch o' big girls!


Hang the little shit from the windows by his ears. Can you do that over there? My PE teacher once tied me upside down on the wall bars for calling him a wanker. After 10 minutes he came up and said "Am I a wanker now?" I said "No sir. You're a cunt". He settled for whacking me which was much quicker.

* (asterisk) said...

Looks like it could be a good movie, that.

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