Thursday, 14 September 2006

Name 'em an shame 'em!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thanks to me mam, me dad, me three sisters fer supporting me, the two Fionas in me life, me long-suffering mate at Uni, me Japanese friend, Our Kid and his missus, Bolton Friend and her man, Kwok Fu-Bob and his missus, Ji Ma Beng and his missus, me landlord, the Apple Mac company, Netvigator ISP and – lest we forget – Google. It is an honour and a privilege to learn that the world at large loves my website so much it’s in imminent danger of exceeding its bloody hyowj bandwidth limit. I’m overjoyed that someone actually reads it. I’m happy that people are flocking to the pages to look at the pictures and read my captions.

I’m ABSOLUTELY FUCKING RAGING that some bastards are stealing my bandwidth by linking MY images and pictures in their own places, so that when people are reading THEIR page, they’re using MY bandwidth to display the images. Thank you so very fucking much. And ta fer doing it to nearly ALL 300 OF MY PICTURES, you thoughtless, thieving bastards. I wouldn’t mind, but there int even a “thank you” or an “I got it here” link. Oh no, no, no, just an “I’m displaying this and don’t care where I got it”.

Would you like to know who the three guilty parties are? I’ve traced it, ta very much to Sitemeter, to three main culprits. Who would be surprised to learn that they’re fan-site message boards, in Greater China? Oh what a surprise! It’s our thieving, cheating, stealing, arrogant “friends” from the north! Oh how amusing, I’m sure!

“Oh look, I’ve just found a site wi thousands o pictures on it. Should I be nice and send them a wee mail, asking them to use some? Or should I save the pics to me own computer and then post ‘em on the group message board? Nah ~ I’ll just copy the image address and let their own server take the strain. After all, I don’t give two shits, what does it matter to me that I’m upholding the reputation of all mainlanders to be thieving cunts?”

So fuck you, fuck you very much, Bai, and you too, Fi Fi, and also to you, Tian I hope you got a good eyeful, cos you’ll notice now that all the pics are missing, replaced wi a small blue square (or, for those of you suffering on a PC, a small box wi a red cross in it) where the pic used to be before I switched on the hotlink-protection options. I hope yer happy, cos I’ve taken them pages and the file directories off-line. There’s no fucker getting any more free bandwidth from me.

Why did I take the pages off-line? Cos I have to stop anyone reading me site now, and then when October comes around, I can switch ‘em back on, seeing as me monthly bandwidth will have been reset fert new month.

Fuckers. Arrogant bloody stealing cunts! Just pisses me off, does that. No “please can I?”, no “thank you for sharing, I’ve signed your guestbook”, in fact, no contact whatsoever. I’ve never had someone steal my Tinternet stuff ~ everyone I know is nice enough to ask me if they can use it first. Dunt matter, I’ve learnt me lesson, and they can fuck a long a way off. Call me naive, eh.

Onto other news: wrist is getting better, mates are still in town, we had a typhoon 3 warning yesterday that was then dropped and its stopped raining an all. Me mates are off to Lantau to go Buddha-spotting. I’m typing this in me pyjamas as two in the afternoon, thinking about putting heater on fert shower. Ah, holidays…

Right then, that’s it. Enjoy the pictures ~ guess where I stole 'em from [insert hyowj vindictive grin here]…


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Gina said...

What you can actually do is use a .htaccess file. It protects against direct linking, and everytime someone tries to hot-link an image, the little red x appears OR the hot-link can be redirected to a not-so-pleasant image (recommended).

* (asterisk) said...

Good job, Soupy. That's fucked up that someone would do that, especially on such a massive scale. Y'know, one or two pics, who's gonna notice? But all that stuff?! Wankers.

Soupdragon said...

I know, wouldn't credit it, would you? At least I've got em on the run now though :)

Going to look into the .htaccess thing ~ swapping it fer an inappropriate image? I like the way you think!


Cheers m'dears,


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