Friday, 8 September 2006


Forgot to re-post it here: finally put all me dancing icons together. Just in case anyone needs some dancing icons. Yer never know, you see. You might be walking downt street and suddenly think: "blimey! I'm all outa icons, I'm so lost wi'out em" etc.

Dance, monkey boy, dance!

I'm still healing. And watching Remington Steele ~ crikey blimey Charlie, came across "Stronger than Steele" tonight - what a plethora o' quotes that kicked up:

[Laura] Atomic Man is wanted for murder!
[Steele] Really Laura, I didn't know the penalty for bad acting was that stiff in this country.

[Steele] What would you say to a nice little American shag? 'Hello, nice little American shag'?

His comic timing is just genius at times. Course, I'm sure a shag is a kinda carpet in America...


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It's a kind of carpet here and all. Gives yer red knees.

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