Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Sick leave

Yeah, that’s me off fer a few days. Got Repetitive Strain Injury to me right hand/wrist/tendon things. Will be back when it’s all better and I can type more than ten words a minute.

And no, it int from doing what you all think I’ve been doing.

(Little ‘say what you see’ joke there.) I blame this Apple keyboard and me own stubborn laziness. Long story. At least I’m left-handed, eh. I’ll be off fer some gratuitous DVD watching, then.

Peach and lube.

~ ~


* (asterisk) said...

I've tennis fuckin' elbow at the mo. Can't believe it. Not giving me too much gip right now, but real annoying.


I've got repetitive strain injury too! Mines from opening beer bottles according to Caz. I got it in the line of duty then.

Soupdragon said...

man down! man down!


At least it were in the line of duty, like you say. Mine were just too much typing at the wrong angle. Been twinging fer ages but didn't think owt about it.


Can you not get them little things fer tennis elbow? You ut em on your arm or summat, stops summat from bendin summat and, er, like that?



* (asterisk) said...

I... don't... know... what you mean...

I'm just soldiering on, though.

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