Tuesday, 26 September 2006

What's gone on then?

[shakes head] Clive, Clive, Clive, Clive, Clive, Clive, Clive… What the hell are you playing at, son? I can’t decide if this is the largest steaming pile of camel poo I’ll ever see, or bad enough to be a great watch (in a Flash Gordon kinda way…


All I can say is ~ yeah mate, you do suck, and yeah, he’s also really that good. The ONLY thing that would make me watch this is the fact that he went “find something funny?” wi them you just never know if I’m going to slap you or let loose wi some skin-ripping insult, do you? eyes. Ooooh, shivers me timbers, does them.

Talking o’ things that shiver me timbers ~ yeah, Sharpe’s Challenge were really good. I love my friend long time baby, cos she brought me the UK DVD, complete wi Behind The Scenes (Sean: “Er, yeah, I really enjoyed that bit, and… er… I’ve forgotten what the question was…”) and a paltry handful of outtakes (Sean: “Oh! Shit! I thought it were plastic! Sorry mate!”). I don’t know why they saw fit to chop the ‘film’ into two parts, even doing the whole “Previously, on Sharpe!”, when it were like thirty seconds ago ont DVD. Wankers. Why didn’t you just segue ‘em together? No? Alright, how about makin a wee button on the DVD menu that lets you choose Part One or Part Two? No? Too difficult fer BBC America to sort out? Hmm. I’ll reserve judgement there.

Anyway, it had some great one-liners, Simmerson is back (yay! Proper evil bastard!) and Toby Stephens does a good “you English bahstard” routine. Nice. Yeah, alright, so they mangled the novels a wee bit, but hey, they’re often the first casualty in TV. But it DID have Sean Porn

~ ~ ~ ~


weenie said...

Was great to see Sharpe back in action again. I was kinda worried that Sean would look a bit old but fortunately, he still looks really fit!

Soupdragon said...

I know ~ talk about relief, LOL

He did seem rougher round the edges tough ~ when he went after that Bickerstaff bloke he were a bit harsher than I remember Sharpe being... Still, all to the good, eh, especially where Richard's concerned!



Jaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

Sean Bean is incredibly sexy. I wish I was older and he would be mine!! Dad wouldn't mind as he must be reasonably rich!

(Daddy Dinners just shouted "Hi" when I said I was visiting you)

luv Jaxxxxxxxxxxx


Yeah but I didn't know she was saying Sean Bean's sexy. Mind you. Rich(ish). Whatever....

granny w said...

Glad you liked it. Remember it's only stalking if you get caught! xxx

Soupdragon said...

Well helloooooooooooo there Jaxxxxx! Nice to have you snoopin on me page, have to say. And hiya to Daddy Dinners too ~ he lets you read this? Wi all the RUDE words and suchlike? What a star, eh!
Yes Sean is, and yes, I think he is cos he lives in some posh fancy to-do place in that filthy smelly village... what's the name of it... oh yeah, London village, that's the one. Wee hamlet next to some dribble o spit that passes fer a stream fer people that don't have Pennines.


Ta muchly, yer a right star athlete, so I've seen!


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