Sunday, 24 September 2006

‘The Departed’ still = ‘Infernal Affairs’

A phone conversation from yesterday:

“Sooz, have you seen the MTR posters, there’s that great new film coming. You want to see it?”
“What is it?”
“I can’t remember, that new one. You know, it’s got thingy in it.”
“Thingy? What, Tony Leung? Ah no, you mean ‘Exiled’, the one with Cheung Ga-Fai in it?”
“No, the American one.”
“Oh, er…” [thinks] “The one with the TV remote?”
“No, the one with Leonardo Di Caprio in it.”
“Please tell me you don’t mean ‘The Departed’.”
“Yeah, that was it! Looks, good, doesn’t it?”
“Mate? SLAP YOURSELF, then remember who you’re talking to. Ok? Got it? With me? Right, listen very carefully, cos even though I’ll end up saying this about three million times in yer direction, it’s best you understand it now: I will not be going to see that film. Ok?”
“But why? It’s got Jack Nicholson in it. You like Jack Nicholson.”
“It might have.”
“And it’s about gangsters. You like gangsters.”
“Look mate, it could have Sean Bean getting his kit off, and I STILL wouldn’t go to see it. It might be the best movie ever to come out of America, but I’ll never know, COS I’M NEVER GOING TO SEE IT!”
“Oh. Well, you could’ve just said.”

For those of you that missed my ranty-ranty-swear-swear post about The Departed, don’t worry, it’s here. For those of you that are thinking “well int she up her own arse, what’s wrong wi’ it?”, don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll get subjected to the film when it comes out on VCD. And I should watch it eventually, just to compare. Although I have a horrible feeling I’ve already seen best bits int trailer, including the mangling o' this scene:

Every insider knows you put the mic outside the window, and then tap on it wi Morse Code. Result? Leo Di Craprio, you are a fuckwit. Honestly. If you copied the rest of the movie, why not copy that clever bit too? Why hide the mic in the cast? You want to get caught?



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* (asterisk) said...

Ha! I thought of you the other day when I wrote my Eastern films post. Even name-checked you. I saw the trailer last night for the first time. Jack fucking Nicholson? Are you shitting me?! He's, like, a brazillion years old, man!

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