Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Take That, Infernal Affairs audiobooks!

I know, I know, I haven’t posted on here fer about a year. Or a week. Same-same, feels like. It’s been a non-stop party week of pubs, clubs and hi-jinks. Actually? No. Just been writing student reports, going out fer a swift half that turns into a half-keg, an’ then winding me way home to find I’ve left meself six hours’ sleeping time. Not clever.

Anyway, where shall we start, eh? How about Mr Andy Lau (A.K.A. Inspector Ming from “Infernal Affairs”, currently being reprised by Matt Damon in “The Departed”) talking about “The Departed”? Ok then, here we go:

Would [Andy] Lau go watch “The Departed?” He said that he was planning to, and that he likes Scorsese. In “Infernal Affairs” Lau portrayed the organized crime mole in the police force with steely charm. The unexpected success of the first “Infernal Affairs” film in 2002 is often credited as a turning point for the Hong Kong industry. What does he think of Hollywood remaking the movie? Lau said: “There are lots of remakes of Asian films, but they’re not as good as the original. Maybe the box office is very good, but I don’t think that it can be the classic."

Need I say more? No. Shan’t. Fucked off wi the whole IA / Departed thing now.

Onto brighter things ~ kinda. Not sure what to make o this little nugget. Take That? A new album? Of new material? Hmm. Trouble is, being a right nosy wench, I went and found a snippet ont ‘Net. And I have to say, that ‘Patience’ track dunt seem too bad. And I swear, that’s the highest praise them lads will get outta me. I notice, as every other bugger int universe, that Robbie is not so much as lifting a finger in their direction. Interesting. A serious artiste, now are we Robbie? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Before I accuse him of being too far up his own arse, I should remember that perhaps he is an artiste. After all, he’s been doing concerts in the US etc, and he’s even coming over here to Hong Kong next month ~ one night, but apparently sold out. And that’s not bad, considering the price of an international artist’s show ticket is roughly four times that of a local artist. Prices were quoted at over HK$1,000. With an exchange rate hovering about HK$1 = 15 UK pounds (sorry, no pound sign on this keyboard), that’s not funny. I paid that much for four nights of Aaron Kwok. Ah. Perhaps I should re-phrase that. I meant four nights at the Aaron Kwok concerts. *insert smug grin here*

That just leaves audiobooks. Me big sister is a fucking star ~ she just sent me this from Blighty. Oooooh. Going to enjoy listening to that as I’m trying to sleep at night. So much excitement in such a small box should be outlawed. Three hours of nowt but his voice? Blatant Sean Porn, I’m telling you.

Got me copy of “Well Well Well” by Milburn from HMV in Blighty this morning, and apart from them having changed the lyrics (a bit) to “Lipstick Lickin’” (fucking fabbest track this year), it’s all fabber than a very fab thing. Also dug out me old copy of “Definitely Maybe”. We all know who did that one. Suffice to say, I’m falling in love wi “Cigarettes and Alcohol” all over again. Class. Oh, and Aaron Kwok’s new album “My Nation” came out today, so got a copy o’ that in, an’ all. Sorted. Got to say, I’m made-up with “Dance” (“跳”) right now. It’s bloody marvellous.

Went out and saw “The Devil Wears Prada” last night. We were actually aiming fer “Volver” but the rest o HK beat us to it, and we had to make do wi two seats int second row from screen next door. Ah well. Pretty funny film though, and Meryl Streep was of course nowt short o brilliant. Worth the HK$45 I spent getting in, I’d say.

That’s it, I’m off. No wait, I always smell like this, arf arf.


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granny w said...

Nice to see you get off your lazy fat arse and get back to amusing the great unwashed (namely me!)- working - what kind of petty excuse is that! Seanny of the beannie is on a new morrisons ad at the minute talking about sausages(with "hounee" apparently) very commandoh!saw "prime" last week(uma thurman)v.pants and "inside man"(not my choice, think all the actors in it are wankers) actually enjoyed it though - not fab though cos that freaky friday bint Jodie Foster was in it! Grrrr, slugs xxx

Soupdragon said...

Whaaaaaaat> Clive Owen, man! CLIVE OWEN!
Don't mention Seenie of the Beenie and sausages int same sentence ~ I have to go to work in ten minutes.

Smell you later ~

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