Friday, 8 December 2006

Take That: Beautiful World

Bought it, listened to it, love it.

At least, I love ‘Shine’ (bouncy-bouncy tap-tap from Mark Owen, accompanied by Queenesque backing vocals and a stonking piano), ‘Hold On’ (again, pretty good vocals from wee Mark) and ‘What You Believe In’ (oh, er… also Mark. There’s a pattern forming here.).

Those tracks stand out. The rest are varying degrees of fab, and the one I didn’t like (‘I’d Wait For Life’) is growing on me.

So this is number on in the UK album charts right now, is it? Not too bad, that.


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* (asterisk) said...

Funny. I saw them do that "Shine" song on TV the other night, and I really hated it! But worse still was the fact that they were all doing a really bad boy-band dance too. Ewww.

Word-veri: gobfk

Soupdragon said...

Like the veri-word, looks like it should be short for "shut yer mouth", in some strange way, LOL

And Take That are on TV now? Wow, superstars, LOL. I do listen to the Chris Moyles podcast, which is about the only news I get from Blighty about ongoing stuff, and they keep mentioning them quite a bit. Must be alright, spose.


Veri-word: yodqm


* (asterisk) said...

On TV?! They had their own bloody TV special on prime time last Saturday night: An Audience With Take That. That's where I saw that bit. I couldn't watch any more than one song, though...

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