Sunday, 18 February 2007

You read la

Hi, you no meet me already ar, I come to give you hear message from Miss Soup. She no well, she tell me I say you she no well so you no angry she no mail.

Me My name is Tong Siu-Lung, you call me Lung-Lung is ok la. I before is student Miss Soup, now I friend la. I know yesterday of new year eve, Missy she no call me, I worry and give to her SMS. She reply me feel sick all the work day already. I go her home, she bad koff and achoo many time. She say she have bad head, but I don’t know la, she head look like no problem woh.

New year eve she only can sleep la, morning she no leave bed la, only pee-break and night-time watch TV with bed-duvet, is very warm ga. She say she very love her Granny who are W, she give her new DVD she give me see. I see the fun movie of the Val Kill-me and many cow, and sing and dance. I think he very good of boy actor, perhaps after long time can do superhero or rock singer.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingNew year day she sleep and tell me get beer. I say no la, she very angry woh! I make her happy, I give her see the Granny W that one DVD. Is a thin man, I think he no special thing, but show is very fun, and he love all the lady long time. He very funny man, Miss Soup say he have big talent. I think also, he do very good funny thing but no funny face. Sometime he is hou chyun so naughty. We watch very happy, but she laugh too many so koff many time. I worry, I say her no watch one more. She very lau angry ga, I again tell her no. I say she very sick person, go to hostel hospital. She say Hong Kong people is too much hospital. She eat the bacon butty with much HP sauce la, she say is very good for sick, and Mister 4D that man is clever like Yoda, everything he also know.

She very bored now, she say always sleep is boring ar. She say she help me write, but I know my Engerlish ok la. Is not 100 score but meaning is ok, hai mai? I tell her just can play more with iPod and sleeping la, but she too much boring bored woh. She say give her see the DVD of Granny W, the thin man of ten inch (you me, also don’t know why this is name la). I say no, she see and then too excited, she no breath. She say we pack it in and give to see one more DVD, is many men love all the Manchester men of Canal Street.

I try to see. If no good, I tell you after. You no worry la, I no give her to drink the beer or the wisseekay. I only can give her drink the soup and tell her remember she say no again smoke the yin-jai cigarettes. I say, she smoke, she no see the thin man of ten inch. Is fair no fair? I say all fair.

Bye-bye loh, next time is maybe Miss Soup write. You go to see the pretty pictures loh, is very nice.

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Thank you Lung Lung. Mr 4D not clever. Mr 4D usually pissed. On the other hand, after listening to supposedly clever people maybe pissed is the new clever. Have another bacon butty. Good for what ails yer.

granny w said...

hey suzie q! long time, no see! tell the ugly one to stay in her bed and away from 10 inchers! all the men of canal street can get 10 inches of their own. love you long time...xxxxxxxxx

lunglung said...

Hello good afternoon Mister 4D! Missy very like to read your page! I see but I don't know, is very hard to know what it is talking. I try to googlie change language, maybe I see then.

Hello the Granny W! You are really Granny W? Missy ask me to by Libeena, she say it good vittymin see and lots water. I buy and she drink, but she say vittymin see only come out if Libeena has wodka in it. I don't know. I think you know. Please tell me if I put this wodka in the Libeena, it make her better? She all day before in bed, only see the eye-mail and watch some more Canal Street.
Missy go to work tomorrow, but she head nose koff achoo very bad. I think she no go, but she say no go no pay.
I think this is bad. Maybe I call to her boss.

Happy new year Granny and all people!


granny w said...

Happy new year LL! Yes you'll find that vodka (mixed with almost any vitamin high fruit concentrate) will heal all that ails you. I think you should call her boss. Make sure you mention I said she should be paid. xxx


S'ok Lung Lung I haven't a bloody clue either

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