Sunday, 29 April 2007

taH pagh taHbe’

So, here we are again, Sunday afternoon and sitting wi me feet up, hot fresh cup o tea, comfy chair. Why? It’s time fer ‘Doctor bloody Who’.

Look at the size o that heid! Like an orange on a toothpick!

Gawd, this episode, ‘Evolution Of The Daleks’ knocks spots off some of the older episodes. It’s got it all ~ running, shouting, sonic screwdrivers, human failure and courage, more running and shouting, Martha being ace, the Doctor being… the Doctor, twists of fate and new-new species. And a few questions ~ who really were the ‘humans’, and who weren’t?

Have to say, I loved the way the two daleks were having a chat while they’re alone int tunnel, about not trusting the new dalek-human hybrid Sec, and the way the second one did a shifty look about himself before trundling closer and answering. Bwa-ha-ha-haaaa! How human is that?

That old Sec, though, eh? He got what was coming to him, fer daring to dream. Or did he? I could tell the Doctor was going to go fer his plan to create a new race, hook line and bloody great stinker, knowing his weakness for someone asking fer help just at a vulnerable moment. Would he really have helped them? Or was he planning to arse things up at the last moment? Did he really believe he could re-engineer dalek DNA to convert them into a new, nice, harmless shade of their former race? Nah! Just dupe em and kill em all, at the right moment – that’s what I were shouting. And why not? Why pretend we’re ‘better than them’ by showing them mercy when they’ve spent eons wiping out entire planetary systems? Shouldn’t the punishment fit the crime? Has the Doctor gone soft? And his “See? Never waste time on a hug!” ~ definitely NOT human, Doctor.

Anyway, Martha’s going up rapidly in my estimation. Fry them all! Let’s lay on a hyowj great BBQ! Alright, so she had a bit of a Moment after she realised she’d actually killed all them ‘people’, but hey, if I’d been her I would have done exactly the same thing. Me or them? Are you joking?

Them daleks were ace too – proper baddies. They’ve even been to the James Bond Villain School of Melodrama ~ “gamma strike four minutes AND COUNTING!” Bloody marvellous! The whole “do we obey or not?” argument never got tired, ta to them doing it so well.

But that Doctor – he’s a one-man sonic screwdriver-losing machine! If he’s not frying em he’s dropping em over the edge of some bloody great landmark. Lucky Martha were there to bring it back, eh? Romana’s going to get a bit pissed off wi him constantly coming back fer a new one, after all. (Ooh, quick thought ~ she never did go back to Gallifrey, did she? So… she didn’t go down wi the ships, then? Hmm…)

And so Martha and the Doctor have had their first proper tiff; honeymoon’s over, she’s putting her foot down wi alarming regularity these days – we like! She int Rose, she’s better, and there’s nowt he can do about it. He’s thawing ~ not a lot, but just a tad. And o my dog, what did he have on his feet? Not just red Chuck Taylor’s, but red SOCKS, too! Ok, now I’m in love!

And them human-daleks… Bloody hell, I were rolling around the floor laffing. Not cos they were shite, but cos a certain couple o students I know are going to be laffing fit to burst an all ~ “But why?” ~ bloody loved it!

Ah, me, eh? So all in all, another bloody marvellous bit of Saturday night fluff. Thinking girls’ crumpet, girls wi common sense, ages-old sci-fi conundrums and even the baddie / goodie / baddie wore pinstripe this time! Woo-hoo!

I'm not saying it were scary, but...

Anyway, also in this week’s round-up: choons. I’ve had two new albums this week, both bloody ace reasons to appreciate being English and all that that brings with it: Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ and Little Man Tate’s ‘About What You Know’. Instant favourite from Little Man Tate has to be ‘3 Day Rule’, closely followed by ‘Man I Hate Your Band’. Bloody class, both of them. I think best track ont Arctic Monkeys’ album fer me right now is ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’, wi’ the rest of the album growing on me PDQ, too. And hey, still got me tickets to the hyowj concert at the LCCC later this year, and just had me holiday rubber-stamped by’t boss, so woo-hoo, off we go! While I’m around, I think I might just go to the Museum of Science and Industry down at Castlefield too, to see a certain Up Close exhibition they have on…

Nearly there – just one more thing to do: pimp our shiny new Nathan Fillian Google Group. Oh yes, as the Doctor would say ~ adult conversation about all things Cap’n Mal Reynolds, Firefly, Serenity, Drive, White Noise 2, his arse, and just about owt else you want to say about the space cowboy. Click the link and prepare to feel much better…

That’s yer lot. I’m all done. Just waiting fert confidential on making of this ‘Doctor bloody Who’ episode, then it’s back to ‘The Lakes’…

Peach and lube, people!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Not many shows have me glued t't screen n even then not many week in n week out. Bloody good stuff in't it?

"You're not alone" - never thought of Romana. Still think it'll be The Master though.

That dalek looked a bit like my boss. Only a bit.

Soupdragon said...

"Not many shows have me glued t't screen n even then not many week in n week out. Bloody good stuff in't it?"
Oh yes ~ it's about the only show I'll get up at 6am to watch, LOL Well, that an Firefly, if they ever showed it on telly...

It's definitely going to be the Master though, int it? Otherwise what is John Simm doing there, ROFL!

(Did you see the DW Confidential about that one? Where they asked the Tennster if the Face of Boe had been wrong about him not being alone? And he just went: "he's not wrong. But he's not exactly right, either..." Bastard!)

I wonder if there were some other episode, way back int day, dealing wi Romana and whatever happened to her. Must be.

Is that bloke next week Peter Davison? Or did they find the only actor in existence who looks like him?



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