Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Wednesday Wonderings

Woke up this morning, wanting me breakfast… and then, as I stood there int kitchen, waiting fert kettle to boil, a hundred ideas hit me at once. It hurt, as a plethora of good ideas should do, and I wondered about said questions while, a short time later, standing int bank waiting to pay me rent. So, answers ont postcards, or just int comments section, to the following:

Doctor bloody Who’ episode 3.5 ~ Dalek Sec, realising he’s about to be annihilated or close-to, says summat very wise: ‘If you choose death and destruction, death and destruction will choose you.’ Fab line ~ but I think I’ve heard it somewhere before. Lyrics from a Muse song? Summat Father Matthew said to someone in ‘The Lakes’ TV series? Some random line from an obscure B-movie I’ve seen recently? A translated quote from Homer, or Herodotus, or someone similar? Just can’t work it out…

Why won’t my Samsung E-908 (E-900, if yer outside Hong Kong) vibrate and play the ringtone at the same time when some bugger’s calling me?

What’s that gold shiny building thing that looks like Professor Zarkov’s rocket from ‘Flash Gordon’, int middle of New York?

Do we need another Star Trek film? Bearing in mind that this one will be an odd-numbered one

Why are Disney Hong Kong claiming they’re showing movies in 4D? Isn’t the fourth dimension Time? So aren’t all films already shown in 2D and 4D? Or am I just over-simplifying some hyowj great scientifically immense idea and the people who hype these films are right? Kinda?

Is ‘pre-ja vu’ the feeling that you’re about to have been here before?

Can we call Gliese 581c ‘New Earth’, please? Just to satisfy the geek in all of us?

Why do people keep saying “revert back to”? Isn’t that like saying “going back to back to”?

Ah well. That’s it, really. Other than to pimp my growing archive of Wallpapers Of The Week over on my sister-ship (alright, so it’s really only a Starbug to this Sulaco, but at least it flies).

Just a short one today, then. Breathe easy, folks, I’ve nowt to get upset about. Just yet.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


weenie said...

ooh, my colleague taped Doctor Who for me so I'll watch it tonight after I witness United get dumped out of the Champions League... ;-)

Not just 'New Earth' but 'Nu Earth' (am I more geeky??)

Soupdragon said...

I asked me students today what we should call it, and would you believe, the first answer I got was 'Gerald'.
Riiiiiiiiiiiight, I says. How about Bob?
Nah, too 'ordinary'.
Might as well call it Kevin, eh?


'Nu-Nu Earth' would be fab, LOL



I have just checked all of my orifices very carefully - too much information - and can guarantee there are no movies showing in me. If there were you could have free a manner of speaking.

The Dr Who scriptwriters have ripped off bits n bobs from such as Red Dwarf - In 'Gridlock' they referred to the mind drug 'Bliss' which is a direct rip-off but I'll forgive 'em.

(A movie free) 4D

Soupdragon said...

I thank you for your tireless efforts to help me out, 4D, LOL ~

I noticed the 'Bliss' thing, thought it funny. Kept looking for Mr Flibble, but no luck.

So this '42' episode... can't wait for that explanation.


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