Sunday, 6 May 2007

Take-backs and Throw-backs

First, a quick apology:
I stated in me last post about ‘Doctor bloody Who’ that I’d heard Dalek Sec’s line “if you choose death and destruction, death and destruction will choose you” before. I couldn’t place it, and I have to admit I’ve spent a few idle moments wondering if I had actually heard it before, or if I just got it muddled after having got up at 6am to watch the sodding episode int first place.

Well it seems I’m half-right and half-wrong. I haven’t heard that exact line before, but I had heard summat along the same lines. And it was indeed Muse, from the track ‘Knights of Cydonia’, on their fabbest of the fab album ‘Black Holes and Revelations’:
Come ride with me through the veins of history
I’ll show you a god who falls asleep on the job
How can we win when fools can be kings
Don’t waste your time or time will waste you…

So, sorry Helen Raynor, love as wrote that last episode, I promise I’ll not doubt the writing team again.

And so to last night’s episode of ‘Doctor bloody Who’; ‘The Lazarus Experiment’, aided and abetted by a multitude of screencaps, of course...

Nice name-dropping ~ several hundred references to Mr Harold Saxon, and even a sinister Man In Black (well, alright, it were a posh function and everyone were in black) telling Martha’s mam that the Doctor were a dangerous individual. A bit like the rest of the episode, it were a reminder that sneaky-sneaky catches monkeys ~ it weren’t the loud running-around-screaming-saving-the-world noisy bits that made me like this one (although they certainly helped), it were the small moments. The look on her face when she realises he’s parked the TARDIS in her bedroom, ‘Martha’s theme’ hovering int background, the tux, the “science geek? What does that mean?”, the Mill and their fab effects ont outside of that dodgy capsule thing, the “been busy doing… stuff”, the tux, the “oh Martha Jones, you’re a star!”, the “nice shoes”, the “well! You were never really just a passenger, were you?”, the tux, the “take this, setting fifty-four” ~ he gave her his screwdriver to use: he gave her his screwdriver to use

Ah me, eh? Loved the re-appearance of one Thelma Barlow, who really should have slipped the old “curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!” in there (as Wash once said). Mark Gatiss was fab, the first meeting between the Doctor and her mam was a treasure, and all-in-all, a great time was had by all (ten-year-olds). Shows that once they’ve stopped jamming two-parters and story arcs int middle, they can snap back to good old-fashioned action-comedy-adventure-sci-fi-tragedy very well. Loved it.

Also nice to see they could put him in a monkey suit, but they couldn’t separate the good Doctor from his black Chucks… Although I’m sure about a million fanboys (and girls) will be dwelling on the trapped-int-too-tight-a-space-together scene. I did like the Austen Powers moment where he admitted he’d just slammed them into the capsule thing so he could have time to re-group and come up with another plan. Nice. And so too were the organ-playing ~ although, come to think of it, when were the last time he had to open that screwdriver wi his hand, let alone his teeth? Nice touch though.

Martha shows, again, that she int to be ignored or ridden over rough-shod, and more points to her fer doing so, I say. But what was all that about at the beginning? Was that his ‘if she fights for it, I’ll let her have it experiment? And she didn’t, so he didn’t, and left? Did he really just come back cos some strange bloke ont telly made some crackpot statement as intrigued him? After all, he could have just been spouting off about having redesigned underwear.

And the trailer ont end ~ woo-hoo! I’m a trailer whore, everyone knows that, so that wee slice of the entire rest of the season went down very well wi me. Captain Jack, Mr Saxon, body-alterers, scary-lary cultish freaks, scarecrow monsters ~ they were all there! Can we wait for all this and the big hyowj John Simm v the Tennster bish-bash-bosheroo showdown season-ender? Can we bloody hell!

I’m not going to go on about the fact that next week’s show’s been postponed fer some poxy attempt at campety and off-key singing. I’m just going to wait them out and rediscover that DVD collection I've been ignoring ~ and that live thing, what's it called? Oh yeah, telly. And amuse meself making more wallpapers.

That’s it then ~ see you midweek. I’m off to use me new toy ~ I joined the 21st century finally and replaced me rice cooker wi a better model.


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weenie said...

Yep, enjoyed this latest episode and loved the Saxon references. Watched last week's Dalek part two which wasn't too bad, apart from the dodgy 'American' accents.

But the trailer blew me away - Captain Jack back where he belongs!

Might have to check out the Eurovision Song contest next weekend though - didn't you see the band Lordi that won it last year from Finland - they could be formidable foes of the Doc! Monster Rock!

Soupdragon said...

I've been blessed in not having been able to watch the Eurovision Song Contest fert past 5 yrs, and have to admit, I've not even seen who got to the final or indeed who won. Living 5,000 miles away can be a blessing, sometimes...

I've missed out on this Captain Jack thing, it seems ~ cannot get into Torchwood (tried and failed) and only seen him on Al Murray. Which was fab, of course. Gotta love Al Murray... :)

Must force meself to sit through me Uncle Jeff ~ sorry! ~Christopher Eccleston's Captain Jack stuff, just so as I know what's going on when the time comes.... The things we do for Who, LOL


* (asterisk) said...

Just in case you wanted to catch up on last year's Eurovision...

See my Who history is not extensive. Several years in the wilderness. So... who is this Saxon bloke?

Soupdragon said...

Bloody hell, THAT'S Lordi? Fine, let em win, LOL

Mister Saxon = anagram for MASTER NO. SIX, and also, in a rather more sinister fashion, EXITS ON MARS

*do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do ~ you are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind....



Anonymous said...

I was going to say something sarcastic about your mood.

But noticing your comments about Dr Who, Firefly and the Life on Mars photo, I think I have to be nice to you.

All great shows, so you have taste.

Soupdragon said...

Honestly, I'm beginning to think it's just these shows that keep me sane (technically).



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