Tuesday, 5 June 2007

On retirement. And carrying on.

It is with appreciation and regret that we must say goodbye to a long-serving member of staff this week.
His dedication and staunchness of spirit has always been remarked upon and admired by his friends, colleagues and even the students I have taught. He has never been tardy, appeared wrinkled, or missed a single day at work. His patience and calm nature have always been relied upon and valued so highly by all of us at work, and I can honestly say I’ve never worked with a finer, shinier example of professionalism or motivation. He has been, without doubt, a shining beacon of experience and a perfect example of the proper way for things to be done.
He leaves us to retire, so it is only a brief, selfish regret that he will no longer be with us. I shall miss our shared moments of understanding and quiet reflection, and his ability to motivate me to better standards and more interactive teaching methods.
I have enjoyed working with him these past five years, as I know others have too. He shall be sorely missed, and I wish him all the best now that he has his much-deserved spare time.
I know he will find interesting and valuable ways to use it.
Ladies, gentlemen, and students, please be up-standing as I give you:
My commemorative Aaron Kwok Pepsi Live on Stage 2000/01 Concert Mug.

‘Scuse me while I wipe an eye. There, all done. Right then, onto what I’ve been up to, apart from having to break in a new tea mug at work, this past week. There were the irresistible pull of writing new ‘Doctor bloody Who’ fan-fic, which has been titled ‘Bad Jelly Babies’ and is available HERE. Again, rated K+ (for 9 year olds and above), it’s just a bit of fluff in the style of an episode. TARDIS-tipping, evil jelly babies and tea, involving Ten and Martha. Sorted.

Then there were the discovery of ‘Traffic Warden’, a ten minute film of no dialogue, starring Morwenna Banks, Sophie Hunter, and that tall lanky Scots git from ‘Doctor bloody Who’ (insert large knowing grin here). Apparently ran at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2004, but not released due to the length. Which, funnily enough, is ten… inches minutes. SORRY! Had to be done, didn’t it? How could I have NOT shoe-horned that old joke in there? You would have thought less of me if I hadn’t, wouldn’t you! Suffice to say, I thought it were ace – loved the fish. It did remind me somewhat of the opening titles of the old Channel 4 programme ‘Teachers’, and I were expecting The Donkey to wander about int background. Bloody great short film, though. Watch it.

Then there was this, spotted at Toys R Us in Tai Koo Shing recently ~ Optimash Prime! Seriously! Don’t ask what I were doing in Toys R Us. Actually, for yer information, I were on a hunt fer new board games fer work, alright? That’s me story and I’m sticking to it…

That’s it, all done and dusted. Life will return to normal, I shall not write more fan-fic and shall remain firmly OUT of the Whooniverse till Saturday. When we get some creepy-dodgy runny-scarey episode (we like!) and then apparently wee Davey is doing his own ‘Doctor bloody Who Confidential’ short straight after it. Looks good!

Peach and lube, people. Lots and lots of lube…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Been missing it. Too much union work. never mind. Caz'll buy me the box set n I can spend a whole day sitting and watching with a few cold ones....heaven

Soupdragon said...

I'm just hoping said boxed set will be available to buy late July this year ~ when I'm in Blighty on official gig-attending business....

Make sure you get Human Nature / Family of Blood. And Gridlock. And The Shakespeare Code, just fert "Hey nonny nonny!" moment, LOL.
And 42 just fert "I can't see - where are you Martha?" moment.
Ah me, eh? So many great, great moments...


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