Sunday, 22 July 2007

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an ‘men gang aft agley

Plan A:

~ finish all school reports (90-odd)
~ go shopping, replace entire wardrobe
~ change SIM card fert new number
~ buy souvernirs to take fer family in Blighty
~ finish fanfic and publish

However, due to time constraints and working hours, Plan A has rapidly been shucked in favour of

Plan B:

~ screw school reports (not given time or resources to do ‘em anyway)
~ screw the shopping – it’s a logistical nightmare, drives me mad wi all the people and lack of owt that fits
~ leave the SIM card till I get back from Blighty in two weeks’ time – can’t use it in England anyway, cos Neil Hanlon-stylee, me ‘phone don’t roam
~ snag the wee objects that make people smile and amuse
~ get down important flashes of inspiration fert fanfic and deal wi it later – much later

Horrible news this week: The world has lost a lovely, lovely woman in Helen McDonald (otherwise recognised as David Tennant’s mum), and yet all you hear is people pissing and moaning cos it means filming of a certain BBC TV show has been held up because of it. Selfish bastards, the lot of ‘em. I mean, perspective, people. Leave the family alone for a bit, eh? What a family does and how they cope with the death of a loved one is none of anyone else’s business.

And that’ll have to do. I’ve stuff to be getting on with, obviously, as me flight leaves Tuesday night my time and it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m still just about 98% unprepared.

Just time to say not all students are bad – in fact, some are shiny-shiny-ace people and Wallpapers Of The Week have already been posted.

Right then. Probably won’t have time to post here again before I fly, so see you all in two weeks!

~ ~ ~ ~



Enjoy Blighty. Those who live here don't anymore....


Excuse me. You are in the same country as me and yet have failed to buy me a few beers.

Possibly a sensible decision but I am nevertheless deeply hurt, not to mention sober....

Anonymous said...

have a good trip

something to buy on your return

Soupdragon said...

4D - I thought of you every time I lifted a bevvie. Which was a lot. So actually, I've spent the last three days thinking of nowt but you, LOL

And Mr Anon - ta for that. You can also get them from (she types, pretending she hasn't been checking Tinternet and stroking's screen...)


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