Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Ready? I was born… wi a vodka glass

I’m on holiday in about five days. I’m not packed, have no idea of what I’m taking to Blighty, or in fact know of the whereabouts of my suitcase. However, I do know that, not only have I just let loose another ‘Doctor bloody Whofan-fic ont world, but it’s had nice reviews. So I can stop sweating, then.

Or not. As Hong Kong weather gets up to about 33 degrees C coupled wi 90% humidity, clearly there’s no non-sweating in sight.

I must confess, I’m having to type this then go back and correct or re-type everything about three times. Thank Sean (Bean, the god, dontchaknow) for ‘Spell Check’, or this post might well be a mish-mash of typed verbal diarrhoea. And I can’t even spell that.

Anyway, reason I’m three (and seven-eighths) to the wind is cos we’ve sat and watched ‘Doctor bloody Who’s episodes ‘Blink’ (series 3, ep 10), followed by ‘New Earth’ (series 2, ep 2), followed by ‘42’ (series 3, ep 7). While playing our home-made ‘Doctor bloody Who’ drinking game. We play a similar game for ‘Supernatural, but this is purely fert crack, as they say. Behold the rules of said game:

The ‘Doctor bloody Who’ Drinking Game
(as arbitrarily devised by the Soupdragon):

Take a drink every time:

1. You physically see the Doctor slip his glasses on.
2. The Doctor uses the word ‘impossible’ in a conversation.
3. The Doctor calls her ‘Martha Jones’, not plain ‘Martha’.
4. The Doctor heavily stresses the word ‘well’.
5. The Doctor runs down a corridor.
6. Martha runs in heels.
7. Martha says ‘you’ve got to be kidding / joking me’.
8. The Doctor’s carefully-crafted off-Cockney accent slips (see season 2, last episode, ‘Doomsday’, near end: the word ‘fracture’, for reference).
9. The Doctor pulls at his ear. Either ear.
10. The Doctor runs a hand (or hands) through his hair.

Have to say, not much ‘Doctor treating Companion Martha badly’ evidence going on here.

And just fert record, I don’t see that he treated her so badly, when it really came down to it. I mean, ok, so he didn’t know her as well as Rose, and he didn’t appear to want to, but isn’t that what you tell people to do after they lose a close friend? A person you love dearly but just could never shag? Don’t you warn them not to be one of them ‘rebound’ people?

Hmm. Purr wee Davey Doctor, everyone always getting at him for not treating Martha like Rose. As if he ever could – I’ll always think Martha’s more suited to Ten than Rose ever was. Praps I’m wrong. Praps I just need to go to bed…

So I will, as it’s nearing 4am. I hope all you people have a lovely evening.


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