Thursday, 18 October 2007

A Trek by any other name

Short one tonight, folks. It’s the Chung Yeung Festival tomorrow, so I have the day off:


And then we have a supposedly finalised cast list for the new Trek movie, scheduled for released on Christmas Day, 2008:

Kirk = Chris Pine
Spock = Leonard Nimoy / Zachary Quinto
Scotty = Simon Pegg
Nero = Eric Bana
Uhura = Zoe Saldana
Chekov = Anton Yelchin
Sulu = John Cho
Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy = Karl Urban

How excited are we that Karl Urban is Bones? (Especially remembering he's in me fantasy league of Royal Marine Commandos?) How amazingly cool will that be? Except he’ll be using his US accent, not his native Kiwi. Damn. Ah well, can’t have everything…

Simon Pegg as Scotty? Have to brush up on his accent, methinks, but could be ‘waaaaay cool’ as me US mate would say.

Seems they’re loading up the talent and girlie porn stakes to make sure even non-fangirls / fanboys watch it. This could be interesting. Cos that means they might actually have to write a proper script and not rely on sci-fi loyalty to get by. Hmm...

As long as they don’t balls-up the script, it could be good…

That’s it. I’m out ont tiles. See you later, innovator.

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Camera Obscura said...

Ooh, Karl Urban's a Kiwi? Yum. I should dig up something where he uses his "real voice."

Dunno that I've ever heard him use a U.S. southern drawl before, tho. Could be um, less than spectacular.

Soupdragon said...

Real Kiwi voice? Outtakes from Xena: Warrior Princess, LOL
Dude, it pays to like B-movie / Sam Raimi schtick TV, - he was Caeser, and son of Eros, to name but 2 of his 3 special appearances, LOL
Niiiiiiiiiice in a small leather outfit, LOL

Hoping he can do Bones justice. Loved DeForest Kelley for his "I'd pay real money if he'd shut up" character,


It's the movies Jim, but not as we know them...

Bein' a Trekkie I'm dubious - but impressed with the cast.

Here's hopin'

Camera Obscura said...

I just realized the other night where I can hear Karl Urban use his "regular" accent -- Lord of the Rings (d'oh). Like, he probably went home on weekends during the filming, even.

Soupdragon said...

Good point~ I've never actually seen most of LoTR. I sat through the first one in cinema - fell asleep twice - and have not bothered with others. Shame, really.


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