Sunday, 11 November 2007

“Say what you will–

… about the Cardassians, at least they could keep the power on.”


We’ve lost our flushing water supply twice in as many weeks. I don’t mean in a ‘whoops, I think I’ve misplaced me flushing water supply, where could I possibly have dropped it?’ kinda way, I’m talking the building being cut off and no bugger bothering to tell anyone that lives here.

When we moved into this place, not six months ago, it were lovely and new and shiny and wonderful. And it still is – Flatmate has turned it into a homey place and I love it to bits. Unfortunately, the water supply has a tendency to go AWOL. It’s annoying. I think it’s happened about five times since we’ve moved in. And that’s a little excessive, I think.

My last place were falling down, that I know, but it amazes me that in the two plus years I lived there, I were only cut off once, and that were only cos they were fitting new water pipes fert entire building. No problem, then. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason as to why this new place’s water gets cut off, it just does. It magically starts up again anywhere from twenty-four to forty-eight hours later, again wi no warning. A little sign would be nice. Or no, a constant flushing water supply.

Anyway, onto more exciting things. Like Aaron Kwok (郭富城 / Mr. K / Ah Wong / 阿王 / Sing-Sing / 城-城 / 郭舞神, etc.).

His concerts open 16th November here in Hong Kong, and if them last ones (2004, 2005) were owt to go by, it’s going to be the territory’s biggest event since the Handover. His 2004 concert won him the 2005 HK Dance Award for Excellence, and his 2005 effort was termed ‘the concert of the decade’ by local press and all those Chinese-speaking communities around the world lucky enough to get his tour arrive in their city. I can personally vouch for the excitement, professionalism, outstanding performances and just overall yayness of both concerts, as I saw every night of em both. Would have been rude not to, after all.

Then he’s been nominated fert Best Actor Award fer his role in ‘The Detective’, over at Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards (ceremony to be held Sunday 25th November, 2007). I shall be crossing me fingers cos he’s up against wee Tony Leung Chiu-Wai (ooh er missus!) and his performance from ‘Lust. Caution’. Should he win (fert third time in a row, people) it might convince a few Hong Kong Film Awards panel members he could be a contender. Here’s hoping.

Leaving one Fandom and entering another – secured a copy of ‘Supernatural’s season three episode ‘Bad Day At Black Rock’, and absolutely laffed my fucking arse off (“I’m Batman!” – “Yeah, you’re Batman.” / “I lost my shoe.”). Oh, those Winchester boys… Have to say, this is even better than the season two ‘Tall Tales’ ep. It’s nice that right int middle of death, destruction, mayhem, demons, daemons, selling souls and fixing Impalas (and feeling ‘like a soccer mom’), they have time to whack in one o these more light-hearted up-beat jobbies. There were still enough mentions of Plot and Big Things To Come to keep the overall season plan on track, and yet it also gave us some of the best lines so far. Ahh, happy days.

And moving swiftly on from that particularly fucking lush trouser-rubbing-fest (Vic Reeves stylee) to yet another of my many Fandoms…

I have finally finished my last ever ‘Doctor bloody Who’ fan-fic, 'Four Into Ten Does Go'. No really, it is my last one. I’ve packed up me scribbles in me old zipped files and archived them for posterity. I never expected to write one, and now, ten stories down the vortex (which is kinda spooky), I’m all fan-ficked out. Time to get back to the real world and find out what’s going on wi the place. In the words of Major Zip Martin, “Earth still is my favourite planet.”

I think that’s yer onion. No, shallot – ba doom doom tish! I have… er… absolutely nowt to do but read me new book on Extreme Latin for Everyday Use (i.e. swearing).


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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how your source you TV, but the I see that the show "Learners" is available in

I'm sure you know David Tennant is one of the stars.

I'll watch it tomorrow.

Joel ...

Soupdragon said...

Bless you for you are a star. I did get a notification e-mail from Amazon to tell me it had been released, which was, curiously enough, the same evening we sat down to watch Shaun of the Dead again, starring Jessica Hynes. Spooky...

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