Friday, 21 December 2007

Happy holidays

Sorry, been busy. Still all the wrong kind of upheavals going on in me life. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, what I’ve been doing.

Saw ‘I Am Legend’ last Friday – pretty good. Liked Will Smith in it, and I don’t usually go for his stuff. Then again, he was doing those reverse chin-ups without a shirt on. That did kinda sway me a bit. Solid story adapted from a no-doubt no-nonsense book, I should think. Certainly seemed that way. Struck a chord anyway – took him longer to go nuts than it would me, I’ll tell you that fer free.

Have a raging cold, and although I’ve been doing me best to sterilise meself from the inside out, courtesy of mucho vodka and super-strong fresh real pulpy-bits-left-in orange juice, I have to say it’s not having much of an effect yet. Just have to give it more time – Rome weren’t burnt in a day.

Been singing carols wi the kids at work, enjoying ‘em laffing their arses off during dance-offs between five year-olds. Had the company Christmas dinner and went on to Sailorville afterwards, staggering home at 5am to drink three pints of water and crawl into me bed at 6.30am – only to get up at 11am to go to work. Not bad.

Speaking of which, have to say the band in From Dusk Till Dawn last night were bloody fab, and even had time to perform an AC/DC track for us before we’ve clocked the time and literally scrambled fert first taxi parked up outside. Had the pleasure of the same bloke who got us home Tuesday night, and he’s laffed at us going “唔該, 你去唔去西環呀? ~~ 咦! 又係你?” and generally giggling all the way home cos we were impressed by his range of English insults. Not bad for a bloke as only works taxis in Wan Chai, eh?

Planning on seeing ‘Aliens vs Predator’ very very soon. Opens 27th over here apparently, although I’m sure most places will be showing it a tad earlier if it means making money.

Counting down the days to the big Two Five, which automatically means the ‘Doctor bloody Who’ Christmas Special: ‘Voyage Of The Damned’, which promises to be at least amusing and entertaining at seventy minutes long. Don’t forget to tune in at 6.50pm, not 7pm. Would hate to miss them all-important first ten minutes, wouldn’t you?

That’s it, I’m off to bed. Have to be u pand around to work on my one early morning tomorrow. “I’ll rise, but I refuse to shine”, as a famous sidekick once very properly said.


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weenie said...

Am hoping to see I Am Legend next week - I haven't been to watch this kind of movie in ages in the cinema...might have to bring my own cushion to hide behind!

Soupdragon said...

I didn't find it at all scary, but there were two or three moments we've went "weur!" when summat popped up when it shouldn't have done, LOL
Me mate did let out a wee squeak at one point.



a ninety some'at year old Titanic survivor's complained about the docs chrissy special. How can you be so miserable if you've made it to ninety some'at???

Happy Chrimbo babe. Getting pissed is compulsory. xx

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