Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Upcoming films and stuff

One date, two movies. It’s decision time. Do we go for Stephen Chow’s latest big-budget laughfest, or Johnny Depp? Let’s back up here:

Starting with Stephen Chow then. I’ve very, very fond memories of nearly dying of asphyxiation trying to watch ‘King of Comedy’, and was almost sick cos I were laffing too hard to simply cry when attempting to watch ‘From Beijing With Love’. Then when ‘Shaolin Soccer’ came out, I nearly died all over again (Eggs! Eggs! Dance routines!). Suffice to say, he is the funniest man ont planet and I’ll be buggered if I’m going to miss out on his newest offering – even if I did think ‘Kung Fu Hustle’ was a little lacking. Anyway, I’m well up for this new one, 'CJ7' (A.K.A Cheung Gong 7, or Long River 7, a piss-take of the name of the Chinese space rocket) and it feels like I’ll be there 31st January when it comes out (yes, films change on a Thursday night over here).


On the other hand, we have Johnny Depp hamming it up as only he knows how, daft Mockney accent an’ all, in the Sweeny Todd film. And that also opens 31st January. Hmm. Now, far be it from me to pass up a film of Johnnyness in its shiny shiny fun, but I think it’s going to be Stephen Chow first, Johnny next. Don’t get me wrong – Tim Burton + Johnny Depp = fantastic enjoyment on every available level. However, I’m just more in a rush to see Stephen Chow than their efforts right now.

I think I’ve answered me own question then.


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Camera Obscura said...

Mr. Burton goes OTT w/ the blood in Sweeney. Don't get me wrong, I lurrrrrve me some Johnny D, and I lurve the musical, and I understand all about gritty realism and all that. But Burton went for full-fledged teen-horror-movie yuckiness, to the point where it distracts IMHO from the story / music.

BUT... Depp and Rickman singing "Pretty Women"? ZOMFGYAMCHA!


Sweeny's a gem. The songs will crack you up big time.

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