Friday, 21 March 2008

Harry! Holiday! Ace!

So Harry Connick Jnr were bloody ace, appearing in Wanchai last Wednesday night. He sang wi that super-smooth hot chocolate type voice, did some cheeky banter, changed some lyrics to thank the ex-pats for coming, and basically did the whole Harry thing. We loved him. My only gripe? At 90 mins he were on too short – and the venue sucked the Big One. he mentioned not once, but twice, how it looked amazingly like an aircraft hangar, and he weren’t wrong. Whoever decided that the Wanchai Convention Centre would double as a concert venue wants a bloody good hiding. Twats. The fact that more than half of the audience were 50 feet away from’t stage would probably be the first indication, even if I were a complete fucking numptie, that it weren’t really suited.

Anyway, he made the most of it, and we bloody loved him. He did a few golden oldies, and then ripped into shedloads of N’Orleans rhythms (and even made space for that old ‘Big Easy’ favourite, ‘Iko Iko’ – how fab is that?). He stopped a few times to tell a story, or pass his views on Hong Kong cuisine and how you really should not try everything ont menu the night before a concert, and was basically very, very ace.

One thing annoyed. The row of people sat behind us. I swear I have never heard anyone make so many asinine comments in so short a time. I know he’s not exactly a famous performer if English int your first language, and I understand that praps not many people out here have heard his stuff. But these are ABCs (American Born Chinese), or maybe CBCs (Canadian Born Chinese) – you’d have thought they’d maybe heard of him (or at least checked up before they paid money for a bloody ticket), and then could manage to not come out wi summat stupid like “He’s a good piano player, isn’t he?

Anyway, that aside, I’m kinda stoked pretty much all of the time cos I’m counting the days before I get to L.A. I have a looooong list of things I have to accomplish while I’m there: get an iPhone, get some ‘Firefly’ comics, do Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Grauman’s – oh, and meet some famous people, of course. I’m really, really excited cos we also get Jason Manns and Steve Carlson concerts, Friday and Saturday evenings. Then we have to see Eric Kripke, Chad Lindberg (Ash), Fredric Lane (the late great YED), Jensen Ackles (PHWWOOOAAAR!) and Jared Padalecki (bless). How fab is that?

And now it’s Good Friday, and yay, it’s pretty good cos I have four days off now. Just have to avoid the food poisoning-come-gastroenteritis that Bestest Flatmate and Bestest Mate both have. Apart from that, it’s smiles all round, cos it’s one week till L.A., and then about twelve hours after I get back, the BBC start showing series four of ‘Doctor bloody Who’. Does life get any better than this? Well obviously it could, I’m just trying to work out how.

And just fert record, I think Donna’s going to be fine. She’s not Martha, and thank all the gods and all of their brothers than she ent Rose – yes, I’ve heard the same rumours about them all coming back (Boo, I say, BOO!), but she’s going to be interesting for a change.

Need to get off my arse now and go shopping. Holiday stuff to buy, you know how it is…

Peach and lube, everyone! It’s a beautiful day!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



martha's definitely popping back we know and pics appeared showing Rose in a special of some kind.

I'll go wi't flow for now.

Even if it loses its way a bit it's still better than most of the crap we've got. (Barring Homer of course)

* (asterisk) said...

I'm losing track. So Who is back in April?

Soupdragon said...

4D, yer right - everything else is pretty shit, LOL

And yay, Mr *, we should get it April 5th. Well, you will, we'll have to wait till April 6th our time. :)


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