Thursday, 6 March 2008

TARDIS hard disk!

Yes, in a lovely little alliteration of which the Doctor himself would approve, a Bestest Mate has come up with a tiny shiny idea to plug my hard drive problems.

Woah, woah, woah, let’s back up and explain. I have an Apple Mac Mini that’s creeping into old age in that it’s a first generation PPC, not an Intel. Anyway, it’s running 256MB of SDRAM and could do wi a shot up the arse. A quick squiz at its pertinents using Crucial Systems’ scanner and it’s been revealed I can safely pull out the 256MB and replace it wi a maximum of 1GB. This suits me, and another quick search later and I’ve found 1GB chips are not so pricey. That’ll be a day of my Easter break filled then. The next step is to expand the storage capacity. Obviously a weeny 160GB drive would do, a 1.8 inch jobbie. While attaching it to me Mini by USB cable is not a problem, I’d rather me room did not look like Doctor Emmet Brown’s workshop. So Bestest Mate simply suggested that the hard drive go into the casing of the TARDIS USB hub – 90% of which, PC-stylee, is empty anyway. Which brings us to tonight’s title: it’d make it a hard disk inside a TARDIS. How fab is that? Gotta be done, just so I get as much mileage out of the phrase ‘TARDIS hard disk’ as possible.

* insert big cheesy Doctor Ten grin here *

Moving on, I think there is a veritable shitload of people jumping up and down, squeeing and performing their very own versions of victory dances all over the US and in fact the world right now. Yep, the unthinkable has happened – the CW (channel) has renewed ‘Supernatural’ for another season. Which means, kiddies, we get the end of season three plus a shiny, shiny season four! How fab is that? Which officially makes Eric Kripke a Big Damn Hero: he’s done the impossible, and that makes him mighty. I can’t say how relieved I am that we’re getting season three filmed as we speak, never mind a new season. Have done a few new Winchester Wallpapers on this very subject. Would have been rude not to. After all, what does this mean for Dean and his deal? Sam and his hair attitude problem? Conceivably, Dean could end up in Hell but Sam could get him out. Or he could just break the deal somehow (and I have theories on that one). Or the most obvious of season finales could leave me spitting with anger. But I really hope that’s not going to happen – and of course, the immense writing team would not do that to us.

Just time to assert what complete socialites we are: Off to watch the HK Singers perform ‘Anything Goes’ at City Hall this coming Sunday. It's not John Barrowman, but it’ll do for now. Besides, they did really well with ‘My Fair Lady’ and ‘The Full Monty’, so should be a grand day out. Then we’re off to see Harry Connick Jr at the HKCEC March 19th – how eclectic is that? Mix in the fact that we’re off to see Duran Duran live in some nightclub in Kowloon April 12th, and we’re looking quite busy. And then – even better than that, and what we’re really, really looking forward to Big Time, is Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ musical over at the HK Academy of Performing Arts. It’s the actual London cast, so can’t say more than that. We are going to be so made-up wi all that lot, it’s hard to keep my next bit of hugest hugest most amazingest news fert next post. I really have to stop now before my head explodes. I still can’t intimate details about it wiowt getting all squeey and girlie. I’ll be back later after I’ve had a lie down.

So peach and lube to everyone, especially the CW and Bestest Mate, and I’ll see you all very, very soon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Caz is addicted to Supernatural.

"It's the geezers" said I
"It's the brilliant storylines" said Caz
"It is?" asked I
"'Course. Mind you the geezers are fit too"

Bring back Kylie!!!!

Just watched The Green Death when the camera accidently(?) gives a quick upskirt shot of Katy Manning.


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