Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Don’t panic! Cancel the state funeral, tell the King to stop blubbing: I’m not dead! Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, actually.

I’ve just been doing, er – stuff. Really! First there was going to Big Bad Kowloon to see see Duran Duran live at some swiftly knocked-up outdoor stage affair, 12th April. Nice. Got rained on a little – the first rain I can remember this year, I think. Bloody good show, though. Simon le Bon is still a god, and it was all good.

Saw ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ too last week – absolutely fab!

Then there was a new series that you lot in Blighty have probably already seen, but we’ve only just got on Star World over here – the Damian Lewis thing, ‘Life’. Very funny, very well written, and it’s got another Brit in the title role. Marvellous. Oh, and that Woman In White bird from the pilot episode of ‘Supernatural’ as his partner. Loving it so far.

We had a typhoon 3 warning last week an’ all, so that kinda messed me Saturday night plans up. But hey, caught a nice cold out of it. How you can catch cold when it’s in the high twenties Celsius every day and the humidity regularly hits the high end of the seventies I don’t know. Summat to do wi the air-con on buses and in buildings, praps?

Then there was the feverish attempt to watch all of season one of ‘Supernatural’ before 24th April (tomorrow), as that’s when the last four episodes of season three start airing on the CW, 9pm LA Time (PDT?). Mission accomplished, no sweat. Was going to push for all twenty-two episodes of season two, too, but it’s just not going to happen. I know I’ll be doing season two and the sixteen eps of season three while we wait for season four to start filming, and of course showing. This all snowballed into me dreaming up a way for Dean’s deal to get settled, one way or the other – and lo, another ‘Super-bloody-natural’ fanfic was born. It’s not finished yet, am desperately trying to get it polished ready to let loose on the forum over at ‘Supernaturalville’ before, yes, 24th April. Which is kinda cheating really, cos they’re about fifteen hours behind Hong Kong. Which gives me an extra fifteen hours to get it all posted. Bonus!

I did finally get around to posting the last fanfic up though. Called ‘Walk The Prank’, and concerning Prank Wars between the brothers, the whole story of 4,000 words is here for your amusement. At least, hope someone finds it funny…

Very annoyed with AXN Channel right now. I e-mailed them to ask when we’re to expect season three of ‘Super-bloody-natural’, seeing as the rest of the world already have it (ITV2, int UK, apparently). They mailed me back to say they had no plans as yet, but would let me know as soon as they did. (I have actually seen all of season three so far, which is to say episodes one to twelve, but that’s beside the point. I should be able to see it on the channel that I pay for, not have to scrounge around for alternative means.) The next thing I know, their new spin-off channel here in Asia, AXN-Beyond, is showing the season on Monday nights. Riiiiiight. So, one: why didn’t you advertise this to the fee-paying customers on the other AXN channel int hopes that they might want to subscribe to this new channel, and two: why didn’t you mail me to tell me where I could see it, int hopes that I’d subscribe to the new channel? I mean, come on people, laziness is one thing, but surely new subscriptions is another? Looks like reliance on good old-fashioned greed in the market place is not going to work any more.

Just time to say, I’m loving New Who series four and it’s looking pretty solid right now. Saturday’s ‘Planet Of The Ood’ was fab, although just a little slightly under the complete fabness that was ‘The Fires of Pompeii’. After watching episodes one and two back-to-back, have realised the ‘we lost our planet’ theme could be a biggie this season. (How do you lose a planet? Have they checked down the side of the settee? You find all kinds of stuff down there: bus tickets, a pound coin, Toglafane...) First the Adipose family claimed to have lost theirs (although the word ‘politics’ was mentioned by Super-Nanny Foster), and then the Pyrovile thingies also claimed to be homeless. And of course, purr wee Davey Doctor has mentioned to Donna that he’s not only the last one, but also homeless too. (And in a nice aside, Donna’s doing a very good job of pointing out how alien he is without apparently realising it.) They’ve even named his planet too, so she should know it again if and when the time comes. Anyway, getting back to the planet thing, who knows if this is going to part of the season ender, or just a lead-up to the Sontaran fun of next week? And so nice to see Martha back!

So then, ‘Planet Of The Ood’ fun moments: a full-on Flash Gordon rocket! And Donna’s ‘Now that’s what I call a spaceship! You’ve got a box, he’s got a Ferrari!’ Loved it – no Captain Jack and his Space Hopper to be thrown in to make the TARDIS look more like a Ferrari, then? Bloody funny stuff. Loved the ‘Bad Ood!’, and of course Captain Darling Mr Tim McInnerny doing his evil bit. The creepy bloke controlling the huge toy-grabber was, er, creepy, but got what he deserved in the end. But that Sigma bloke, at the end… telling the Doctor “I think your song must end soon”… gave me all kinds of uncomfortableness. Coupled with the Roman Dude’s visions last week, telling the Doctor “she is returning” (except we think we know who this is, not to put spoilers in this post) and that Donna has “something on her back” (A monkey? Her mother? A secret tattoo of a road map from a prison? We’ll have to wait and see…), I’m a little worried about the state of Doctor Ten. But hey, this is what keeps us watching, right?

Also have to mention that my Doctor bloody Who Wallpapers of the Week have been updated. I will get to this week's Ood papers, and some more Winchester Wallpapers soon, too.

That’s it, I’m done. I need another Strepsil and some hot tea. And praps two days off to sleep properly. Not going to happen though, is it?

So soopytwist everyone, and I’ll try to catch up much more often from now on. It’s just laziness, after all.

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* (asterisk) said...

Not dead is good. Hurrah!

I saw McInnerny last year in Othello at The Globe. He was Iago opposite Eamonn "godlike genius" Walker in the lead. Great show. Met Walker after.

I enjoyed Charlie Wilson's War, too. Very good, I thought.

Ood show -- not as good as Pompeii, but not bad overall. "Why d'you call me miss? Do I look like I'm not married?!" Careful not to let Tate overrun, though, right?

I also thought there was a heavy implication at the end that we will be seeing an eleventh Doctor soon. I don't read all the online stuff, so I'm just guessing here. What's the deal?

Soupdragon said...

Oh Darling, he is ace, LOL

I *do* know Mr Tennant's plans for Who - so far as has been made public. Do you really want to know if he's in the 2008 Xmas Special? Or the specials throughout 2009 in place of series 5? I can tell you, if you want to be Spoiled.


* (asterisk) said...

Go on, then, I deserve to be spoiled once in a while...

* (asterisk) said...

Ooh, thanks for the info. I quite like David Morrissey. Well, I did until Basic Instinct 2 (which I refused to watch, btw). I'll give him a second chance, though.

Cybermen rock, of course, so I like that rumour.

I've read about most of the guest stars, except for the last 2 eps, cos there were "too many to name", according to the Radio Times. I keep all the Radio Times coverage for my 13-y-o nephew, who is a Who freak. Even loves all the old Hartnell stuff, so that's good.

Clearly there's Rose coming back, since she cameo'd at the end of ep.1. And tonight we have Martha Jones. Yay! Exciting stuff ahoy!

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