Monday, 19 May 2008

Clearing The Air

I really need to get a whole loada shite off my chest this week. I’m not happy my usual posting routine has been interrupted, and that Sunday is no longer ‘Doctor bloody Who’ and write-up day. I’m doing what I can to fix this, but I can only do so much. What I will say is: England, sort yer bloody broadband upload speeds out! Still waiting to see the Agatha Christie episode, so can’t comment just yet. However, I can and will pass comment on ‘American Idol’ of last week:

So glad David Cook is in for one more week, and just hoping we get to see his best form this coming final. David, if yer listening, I suggest you sing ‘Live and Let Die’. That would show off different vocal abilities and ranges, and hopefully impress everyone enough to vote for you. Although, seeing as it seems to be nowt but a popularity contest aimed at teeny-boppers, I would suggest you might do a Nickelback track to curry favour. There, that’s my two cents. Here’s hoping he wins over cute but boring Other David.

And then, sticking with ‘American Idol’, we have some new choons!

Was watching the show the other week and we got a guest star to fill time as usual, and it were a past winner by the name of Bo Bice. He stood there and belted out his “new” single ‘Witness’.

I bloody loved it. It were loud, fab, little-bit-Lenny Kravitz little-bit-Southern USA type rock and I absolutely fucking loved it. If Lynyrd Skynyrd weren’t already writing their own new stuff today, I’d be surprised if he weren’t doing it for them. Which is not to say that he’s a carbon copy of their style, not by a long shot. He’s modern in a big way, but songs about whisky, women and trains never get old. The album that I purchased not twenty minutes later from iTunes, ‘See The Light’, has ten tracks. The standout tracks for me are ‘Witness’ and ‘I’m Gone’. The latter features a Bad Company guitar riff which could have been influenced quite strongly by ‘Feel Like Making Love’. But there again, while the riff might sound familiar, the song is all its own and I soon found the riff less important than lyrics and accompaniment.

The album’s been going round and round iPod Bob III since last Tuesday and it’s not stopped yet. The track ‘Take The Country Outta Me’ is inspired and although rumoured to be a cover, I can’t find any other artist singing the same song with the same lyrics, so perhaps this rumour is just cos it shares a name but not content with other songs.

That’s about it for today – have to write up about how fucking ace the Queen (with Ben Elton) musical ‘We Will Rock You’ was yesterday (trust me: really very very), and also watch the season three finale of ‘Supernatural’ for the second time – cos I still can’t get over it…


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Anonymous said...

The Agatha Cristie episode was really good, and very funny.

A good showcase of clever English television.

The Manic Street Preacher said...

It was magic babe! Good turn from Felicity Kendal and a someone else buzzed about a bit ;-)

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