Thursday, 15 May 2008

Winchesters, Jarvis and choices

So we're 24 hours out from the end of ‘Supernatural’. I can only describe the anxiety and dread in ‘Doctor bloody Who’ terms; I have not been this worried since the wait for the penultimate part of series three. I were convinced the good Doctor Ten was done for, that his reign were over. I was absolutely and resolutely resigned to the fact that we were going to get Doctor Eleven very soon. And I'm equally convinced that Dean Winchester is about to slide into the ninth circle of Hell, one manly muddy biker boot after the other. Not that I want him to, obviously. (I've already written his way out, over at the FanFiction Archive, after all. Sorry, couldn't help it) I can only hope that I'm as wrong about his departure, or at least cessation of living character, as I was about the end of Ten's tenure.

I'm known for working myself into a tizzy about such things. Normally so level-headed, I can easily turn 'dingo ate my baby crazy' ('Mystery Spot', anyone? Oh how we wish...) when favourite TV characters are in severe peril.

Or my toys. If, say, I were to lose Sean (the DVD player) or Bob (my flashy fab new iPod Touch) or Mavis (my Samsung E-908, or E-900 if yer outside Hong Kong) I think I'd be inconsolable.

Or if I were to lose Jarvis.

My beautiful Mac Mini, the very excellent Jarvis The Uncrashable, developed a fault early Tuesday morning. A quick trip to the Apple repair shop later, and it seems an intermittent hardware fault fucks up, well, intermittently, rendering him in a temporary state of ‘off’. As my Jarvis was bought in 2005, a replacement model would be much cheaper and easier than a straight repair job. So all I actually have to do is pick which model I'd like. Budget be buggered, I would of course be walking home this evening with a 24" iMac with so many bells and whistles it'd have Fred Dibnah itching to see if he could make it steam. However, while budget (and at such short notice, too) is a constricting factor, there's a much more pressing concern.

Blessed with a bedroom big enough to just about house a sofa bed (that has to be put away so I can move during the day), Jarvis has lived in the bay window so far. So any Jarvis mk II would be moving in at the same address. This means a nice big iMac would fit alright, but a new model Mini would be less cumbersome. and leave more space for, er… stuff. (Singing: I can't decide whether I should buy or try.) I'm sure one single evening without either and it'll concentrate my mind enough for me to decide alright.

And whatever I do get will be connected to my TARDIS USB hub, cos Jarvis' 80GB hard drive is being removed from the train wreck and will be inserted inside the aforementioned hub, providing me with a safe back-up and of course, a TARDIS hard disk.

But… Three years we've been together. Three years and never a lick of trouble. How I'll miss him and his little ways. At least a new model will do everything he did, faster and more efficiently, I don't doubt. I can get a new one, aye, but a replacement? Never.

It's never easy saying goodbye, I know that, but at least his hard drive will live on in my new Jarvis mk II. Small consolation, but a consolation none the less.

So what will happen to Dean? Are we going to get to keep him for another season? Will Jenny the extrapolated DNA shadow of a Time Lord dappy bint get her own spin-off series to please the ankle-biters on CBBC? And what will become of my faithful Jarvis? Will his hardware fault stop me from keeping him until June, giving me time to decide who the heir to his pad and hard drive will be? All these questions, and no doubt more, will be answered next time I actually have time to blog.

Ta for reading, and goodnight and good luck. Soopytwist.

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Semi said...

NICE Blog :)

Take a peek into the future of Semiconductor Microchip at

The Manic Street Preacher said...

Extremely upset. The camera didn't dwell on Felicity Kendal's arse once.

Apart from that very very good.

Never heard of the bird who played Agatha but she was spot on.

Catherine Tate could have swung it as the first female Doc you know.

Sacrilige it may be but, if they ever had a plan to go that way - which I suspect they haven't - she could have (possibly) been the one to swing it.


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