Friday, 6 June 2008

Yeah – what? No!

Busy week. Insane. Crazy-ass fucking non-stop week. So as I’m standing under my umbrella in the torrential thunderstorm, sweating from my eyelids cos it’s bloody hot, trying to catch up with what I did this morning – and it’s not even eleven o-clock yet – I’m saved from my swirling gravitational pull of Busy and Rushed Off Me Feet by iPod Bob III.

Just when I’m thinking I’m too busy for anything, let alone waiting the two minutes I need fert bus, Bob sweeps in there and reminds me I’m just letting it get out of hand. I need perspective. I need someone to smack me upside the head and say, ‘You think you’re busy? Ppsshh, this ain’t busy. Get a grip,’, and then everything will be alright again.

So Bob, thanks. Thanks for organising shuffle mode to bring me ‘Strange Religion’ by Mark Lanegan, just when I needed it.

I’ll be back very very soon – the Mighty Mac is arriving this evening (Jarvis II) and I have wireless broadband to get in and sort. And stuff.


Can you stay here next to me?
We’ll just keep drivin’
Because of you I see a light
The Buick’s a Century, a ‘73 like you
Some strange religion


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