Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Ok, bored now

I know, I know, haven’t blogged in ages. I should be reticent, I should be apologetic, but I’m really finding it hard to care. I don’t know why - I used to blog twice or even three times a week, right? I blame it on my abject laziness - and current Writing Thing.

I’ve always kinda written shit, my sisters will tell you that. But right now I’m getting immense pleasure out of writing a shedload of fan-fiction when I should be knuckling down to the real world and doing stuff like joining gyms and losing the 2 (or 3) stone that keeps me in Ugly Bird territory when we go down the Winchester for a few not-so-swift halves and pub quizzes. Ah well. I console myself that I’m there to make all the skinny birds look good. If there were no fat birds, and everyone were skinny lanky streaks of piss, then there’d be no reason to find skinny birds the nice surprise, right? Would, in the words of Queen, all that beauty and that style go kinda smooth after a while?

Anyway, I digress. What did I have to say? Oh yeah - busy week this week. Still trying to get in to see ‘The Dark Knight’, as every single one of the seven million people living in Hong Kong has bought tickets fert duration. Which means I can’t get in. Fuckers. But I have high hopes of getting to the ticket counter of the Palace IFC cinema (Broadway circuit) tomorrow morning and buying for Friday night.

Then Thursday night we’re off to see the Stereophonics - yes, they are in Hong Kong for one night only - and we’re going to melt at the sound of The Welsh God Who Is Kelly Jones singing in that razor blade voice we love so much.

21st August, which just so happens to be the six year anniversary of me landing in Hong Kong, we’re off to see The Kooks. How fab is that? Of course, if it were real anniversary I’ve paid for this night with the last six years of work and hardship type stuff, then it would be Oasis or the Arctic Monkeys (or maybe Little Man Tate, or Milburn, or Paul Rodgers) playing this humble territory in which I now live. But you can’t have everything, eh? Wouldn’t have anywhere to put it. Unless what you wanted were somewhere to put everything you wanted, of course.

Then we get to the important telly bits: ‘Life’ has finished, ‘Doctor bloody Who’ has finished, ‘Supernatural’ has finished, everything’s finished. Apparently we get season two of ‘Life’ in October, ‘Doctor bloody Who’ Christmas Special at, well, Christmas, and ‘Supernatural’ September 4th. Yes folks, that’s Supernatural season four starting September 4th - only on the CW. (And all us overseasers who have access to Friends With Net Benefits.) And no, I STILL do not want to see any spoilers for said Winchester shenanigans. I have my theories, and my hopes, and more importantly, my faith. Sam, much like life, will find a way. Or Dean, much like my iMac, will get bored waiting and just do it himself (so to speak).

That shallot. No, yer onion. Always get those two mixed up.

~ ~

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The Silent Voices in my Mind said...

Hey there! No spoilers, I promise! But I heard the official season opener date has been pushed back to the 18th of September. I am trying to find a way to get cryofrozen until then so I don't have to wait... LOL

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