Thursday, 11 September 2008

Be right back

Got a hyowj raging cold (at the height of Hong Kong summer no less: work that one out).

It’s Mid-Autumn Festival on Sunday, which means we get Monday off in lieu (YAY!).

The Hadron Collider is about to swirl us all into a black hole.

Record distributors are now suing babies that dance to Prince.

Are we really going to get a Doctor Who movie?

I’ve left Dean Winchester in a fantastically tense cliff-hanger in the most recent chapter of my latest ‘Supernatural’ fan-fic - but that’s ok, he’s used to getting himself into tight spots (arf arf!). I’m sure he can hold on till I’m back online and able to get him out of it again.

All of this is all very interesting (or not), but the important thing is that this will be my last post until PCCW can get me plumbed in at my new address. Should be Tuesday. If not, there will be blood.

So here’s a pic to be getting on with:

See you ont other side.

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