Kinda back…

Mid-Autumn Festival was fab. By fab, I mean I got some ice-cream mooncakes from Häagen-Dazs, got a day off for the privilege, and sorted the rest of my flat out. It’s almost done. Just got to get a bookcase to house the remnants of my wannabe-artsy Dark Literature Side (H.P. Lovecraft, Terry Pratchett, Bruce Campbell etc.). Oh, and the sight of squillions of young’uns taking their lanterns to the park across the road and arsing about watching the moon was pretty heart-warming. If I had a heart.

Aren’t festivals ace? A time when you’re supposed to be a little nicer, smile a little easier, be more polite, open doors for people as don’t deserve it and not moan about it, etc. etc..? I cite the case of me, Sunday evening, going into Circle K to buy a bottle of water and some Tsing Tao (favourite beer): I open the large chiller doors that are exactly the same as the ones in every Shell petrol station all over the UK and grab a beer. I close the door to find a rather tall, striking dude next to me also wanting the beer. Good evening, he says, and are you having a nice moon festival, he says. I manage some reply and he’s being so nice when it’s probably his first Mid-Autumn Festival so he’s not really sure what’s going on but prepared to let it go. He’s getting beer and asking about stuff, and I find he’s far more striking than I previously thought. Anyway, turns out he’s here on his hols, and seeing so many wee kids playing with a plethora of lanterns int park is just making his day. I’m still getting over his delicious similarity to Djimon Hounsou when we both have to pay for said beer and get on with life. Ah well. We part company, but I hope he has a very good evening. He was too polite, too nice to have a crappy night on such a pleasant evening as this.

Came miserably low in the pub quiz Sunday evening and Stoke lost 3-2 to Everton, of all people - but not all was lost, as The Barman sorted us with some Grandma’s Trifles (his own concoction in honour of Stoke City going up the to the Premiership int first place) and yay, they were nice.

New flat is fab, too. I love chunky buttons. There’s summat about chunky buttons that light up - they remind me of all those sci-fi films where the set designers are going for the retro look. My building is covered in these chunky buttons. I like ‘em.

As I think I’ve already said, I need another bookcase - all my DVDs, CD and VCDs took up every inch of space on my existing four. Damn. Which means I still have one box of books to put away, then my move-in is complete. Speaking of which, the hardest part of moving is not the furniture, knowing where to put stuff, packing everything, unpacking everything etc.., it’s actually the DVD part. I spent about twenty minutes putting furniture int right places and another twenty minutes moving it again. Done, dusted, sorted. Then I spent about two hours putting all the assorted films, soundtracks, music and miscellaneous VCDs in their rightful places. I shit you not - two hours. My progress might have been hampered somewhat by me sorting through the titles to try and get a handle on categories first, and then going ‘Wow! Haven’t seen/heard this in ages!’ etc. But hey, it was a fun trip down memory lane - and it’s prompted me to slap about fifty long-forgotten favourite songs onto iPhone Dax. (Yes, she’s called Dax. Couldn’t call her Bob - Bob is for iPods. Could have called her Kate, I suppose - isn’t Bob short for Kate anyway?)

Billy Joel is coming to Hong Kong in November - we already have tickets and can we wait? Can we bloody hell as like. It’s going to be fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, as John Barrowman would say. We went off to see the World Classic Rockers at the FCC charity Ball this Saturday gone, too - but that’s a reeeeeaaally long story…

Peach and lube, everyone. It’s good to be back online. Now we’ve just got a couple of days left before it’s ‘Supernatural’ time…

~ ~