Monday, 20 October 2008

Bad Day…?

Got up early, called HMV to make sure they had the new AC/DC album in. They said they did. I went down. Couldn’t see it anywhere - asked at the counter.

“Sorry, we still wait da stock ah.”
“Right. So when I called half an hour ago and asked and you said yes, that was just an outright lie, was it?”
“You come back later ah.”
“If I could come later would I be here now?”
“The word you’re looking for is ‘pardon’. Will you have it tomorrow?”
“Really? You said that this morning.”
“Forget it. I see a brick wall over there that needs some frontal lobe love.”

Get ont MTR. Get a phone call:

“Who is this?”
“Oh. You spee da Cantonese?”
[THINKS: Not for you, pal.] “No. Who is this?”
“Oh. I no spee da Engalish, vey sorry ah.”
“Yep - who is this?”
“Is this a sales ca--”
“Bye bye!”
[click brrrr]

Get to lunch with Goh Goh. The restaurant I insisted on going to cos the steak is fab has changed management. And every member of staff has lost all of their manners, not to mention brain cells.

Had to ask three times what our order was. Wrong soup. Forgot the bread. Steak done to wrong order. THIS IS WHAT FUCKING ORDER PADS ARE FOR! LOOK INTO IT!

Get to work, find I’m blah blah fucking talking shop blah blah teaching shite blah blah fucking blah boss blah blah teaching assessments blah blah fucked up finances blah blah blah not in for a good day - it must be National Slap Soupdragon Week. Decide I’ll be buggered if I’m making a special effort to get any of it sorted, as (1) I’m not the one who’ll get into trouble and (2) I have a personal training appointment I can’t be late for. And my own physical well-being is astronomically more important than work.

Not such a good day then. But then my training is put back by half an hour, so I pop out to get the AC/DC album. Now I have the deluxe version of ‘Black Ice’ and all evening to play it very, very loudly.

And then I check my mail to find some lovely reviews for the last chapter of my latest ‘Supernatural’ fan-fic:

Things can’t be all that bad, now can they?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


* (asterisk) said...

Good to see customer service is shit everywhere, right?

You seen My Name Is Bruce yet?

Soupdragon said...

I wish - it's never going to get a release over here, I'll have to rely on my Lil Sis (fellow Bruce fan) to ship it over...

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