Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Busy week

Joined a gym Saturday, had my introductory personal assessment thing Monday, have been put on a plan to lose 40lbs in 6 months. My personal trainer has arms that make The Rock’s look like that weedy lanky streak of piss from the old Mr Muscle ads, and the power showers are, if you’ll forgive me, AWESOME. Ahem.

Caught the pilot episode of ‘Reaper’ last week on Star World. Yeah, they’re that far behind. Anyway, wasn’t expecting much, and to be honest I’ll only turn over to watch it if I’m in cos Ray Wise is the acest Devil since… er… Al Pacino, and Sam’s dumbass mate ‘Sock’ is hilarious. It’s that kind of lowest-denominator fun. Well, it should be, but there are moments when Ray Wise elevates it to actual proper evening TV. And Sam working for him to collect escaped souls to send them back to Hell in amusing kitchen items can be… er… amusing.

Speaking of Sam sending escaped souls / demons back to Hell, of course sat in and watched ‘Supernatural’ episode 4.3. A very ace guest star turned up in the form of X-Files regular Mitch Pileggi, and he was really really good. Scarily so. He should have been ee-vil (like fru-its of the Devil) in The X-Files, too. Anyway, it was really well done - and I were laughing at the ‘Hey! McFly!’ moment in the diner (and Dean’s ‘What, you lot got DeLoreans now or what?’ had me giggling in me cup of tea). Weird thing is, the dude at the counter already reminded me of John before I realised what were going on. Which shows excellent casting, I think.

Got the new Oasis album, ‘Dig Out Your Soul’. Listening to it right now. No surprises so far, but likin’ what I’m hearin’. We’ll see how it grows on me.

Got tickets for ‘The 39 Steps’, coming to Hong Kong end of this month. Apparently one of the funniest stage adaptations ever, and having a cast of just four people, it’s going to be a fab night out.

Got tickets for Billy Joel - coming to Hong Kong in November. Can’t wait.

Got tickets for Soler, also November. (Their official myspace page is here, but looks a little weird on my set. Have to scroll right about fifty years to see owt. Very odd.) They were bloody excellent show-openers for Stereophonics, so I can’t wait for them, neither. Got a few of their albums, so this should be too cool for school.

And so to fan-fiction. Yeah, it’s ‘Supernatural’ again. My longest ever SPN fic is finally over with:

Not what you might think (don’t do angsty-angst-angst), and I hope it made a few people giggle. Well, apparently it did, if I believe the reviews people have left for me. I’ve started a new story, and this one will definitely be shorter. Seeing as I’ve been spending all my time over at the world’s premier ‘Supernatural’ fan-fiction site, SPN Ville, and the shiny, shiny new writers’ forum The Vaults, I think I’ve packed quite a bit in here this week.

That’s about it, really. Going to crash out now. Right now. Well, after I’ve pressed ‘publish’, obviously.


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huwait awe thepies said...

You joined a gym???? Thought they were fer saft satherners:)

Look, it's simple really. You pay me $100 a month or whatever and I'll come around once a fortnight to eat all your crisps and drink your beer.

There, 一 箭 雙 雕:)

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