Saturday, 15 November 2008

Bad Sam! No extra cookie!

Danger! Danger! Spoilers Will Robinson!
Supernatural season 4 episode 9 spoilers are contained in the following post!

It’s official - Sam Winchester is a dirty bag of carrots! Oh how the mightily clean and virtuous have fallen! I don’t know what creeps me out more - that he did the nasty with a demon-possessed DEAD GIRL or that the demon possessing said meat suit was Ruby! The Ruby, whose very presence facilitated Lilith’s tracking down and killing of Dean Winchester!

I know he was down and out and heavily swilled in all kinds of alcoholic painkiller, but that doesn’t excuse what he did - not even Dean would have touched that with someone else’s ten foot pole! Speaking of which, Dean’s taking Sam’s admission of necrophilia surprisingly well. What, no accusations of banging demonic skanks as an excuse for angry sex? No brotherly slap round the head for letting himself go? No anger at the fact that it was Ruby, of all people? The demon he holds responsible for tricking Sam into using his Jedi Mind Tricks in the first place?

And what now? So they’ve saved the girl with Ruby’s help. So I’m supposed to believe she’s some wannabe-human-again soul who deserves a second chance? Dean was better off when he didn’t know. He could have shot/knifed her and The Boys would have been so much better off. Now look at the mess they’re left in.

So here comes one of Dean’s terrible choices about which the lickable likeable Castiel warned him: does he give purr wee Anna to Castiel and Uriel so she can be killed for the good of all? Or does he stand in the way and show he bows to no-one, angel or no? Come on, Dean, stick your spanner in their works - that’s what you’re here for! That’s why they saved you, because your decisions, contrary to what they want to do, will be the right way to win this. And whether Castiel knows this or not (and he ain’t stupid) he still has to go with the infinite wisdom of his boss, and trust that He knew summat he didn’t when having Dean freed from the Pit.

That’s why he was saved, and that’s why they need him. Cos Sam’s taught him a conscience over the past three years and it’s all coming out as he sees how Sam’s careering headfirst down that road paved with good intentions - and where it’s going to lead him.

There, rant over. I’ve had ninety minutes of kick-boxing and I’m bloody knackered (my personal trainer thinks I’m Batman cos I managed the whole ninety minutes without dropping dead. I had the British end to keep up after all, and refused to die in some deplorable public display of weakness. So instead I waited till I were in the shower). Time to wind down with my large sofa and my new VCD of ‘Ironman’. Yeah, I know I’ve seen it, but the VCD were only HK$20. Bite me.

Obsessed about ‘Supernatural’? I've no idea what you're talking about. So here's some eye candy / girlie porn (delete as appropriate) to be getting on with.

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