Friday, 21 November 2008

Could be a little more sonic…

I know you’ve all been waiting my reaction to the hyowj developments we’ve had recently regarding the good Doctor and his future. Far be it for me to keep my thoughts a secret: your wait is over. Aren’t you glad? So to coincide with the fact that I received my series 4 DVD from Amazon this very morning, here we go.

First off, the official proper real concrete reliable press release that we are indeed losing David Tennant to the annals of Best Doctor So Far history. A surprise? Hardly. Sad? Definitely. I’m sensing an incoming nationwide out-pouring of grief and heartbreak the likes of which have not been seen since a special helpline had to be set up to deal with distraught Take That fans after they broke up.

Over-stating matters? Am I? We’ll see.

Second: the blinding opening sequence for the coming Xmas special. I am a hyowj fan of David Morrisey, and I’m really looking forward to this one, no question. A very close look at the opening moments will confirm that of course he’s not really the Doctor as he claims to be. If he were, he would recognise his former self, cos he would remember being Ten meeting Eleven in London (somewhere near the Crystal Palace) in 1851. And if he were really the Doctor, his screwdriver would be sonic, not a bottom of the range carpenter’s tool. Yes - it’s a real screwdriver. And Cyber head that may have been on the shaggy monster dude bursting out of the dodgy iron doors, but it was hardly drawing a lot of power. I’m hoping this Rosita bird (a blending of Martha and Rose, if you had never met either and had no idea who they were?) is disposable. Apart from what I hope is a wig, there’s something about her that grates on the nerves. Praps I’m getting racist in my old age, but does everyone have to be a Suvvuner?

I liked his long coat, winky confidence, mention of Time Lords, TARDISes and screwdrivers in such a short space of time. Quite convincing - for someone trying to scam everyone into believing he actually is the Doctor. Is he another time traveller, passing himself off as the Time Lord? He ain’t the Master and (sadly) he ain’t Donna Noble.

Speaking of Donna and how she was so ruthlessly written out at the end of the last series (still not happy with that!), I was perusing The Tin Dog, a ‘Doctor bloody Who’ fan-fiction collating community, and came upon this little gem: ‘Spitting Images’. With stuff like this about, surely someone could have found a way not to shit on Donna from a great height at the end of the last series? Of course they could, and don’t call me Shirley.

But anyway, getting back to Xmas 2008 - and beyond. Speculation on who the new Doctor might be has been rampant since Mr Tennant announced the news. I’m going to ignore what everyone else has said, and put forth my list of wants (in no particular order):

Tom Wilkinson
Nick Moran
Paul Bettany
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Michael Kitchen
David McCallum
Lee Mack

Of course, my number one choice would be… David Tennant. But you have to move with the times… Besides, everyone was worried when Christopher Eccleston left, and then we got Mr Tennant. And everything was alright again. Just hope Eleven is going to be as ace as he is.

That’s about it, really. Wish I had more to go on, but it were only the opening salvo of the Christmas special… Can’t wait, now. No, really. Really can’t. Really really can’t.

Even though it was printed quite clearly on the sticker on the plastic wrapping that there WERE, there were NO out-takes whatsoever in my region 2 UK series 4 DVD. Why is this? Did they not bother adding them? I refuse to believe that Mr Tennant and Ms Tate didn’t have a few very funny moments of blooperage. Where are they then? Not a happy camper…

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weenie said...

Paul Bettany - yes please!

The Manic Street Preacher said...

Jon Pertwee was always 'my' doc but Ecclestone was magnetic and Ten is the business.

Fave's to replace over here are Robert Carlyle and the Irish bloke....forget his name at the mo. Did the ads for Yellow of me tongue...James....Nesbitt!!!

Probably neither....

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