Friday, 28 November 2008

Turned up to 11

Saw Soler last weekend. Apart from being fucking excellent, you just know they whacked that whole sound system up to eleven for the last part… Well I did, anyway, cos me (and judging by the walk to the bus stop, everyone else, too) was suffering from temporary deafness fert next twenty-four hours.

The wee guitarist Sammy and his fledgling group Kolor did us a very very fun twenty minute warm-up, including a Marilyn Mansonesque rendition of the Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)’ that was just ace. Then The Boys Acconci came on stage and we just drooled. Very good at everything they do, those two. And their backing roadies are the fabbest of the fab.

We had an ace time, even though we appeared to be three of the praps four gweilos at the entire gig. Ah, good times…

Missing me new ‘Supernatural’ episode tonight, and it’s gonna be a long, hard road to 15th January when they finally start airing the rest of the season, but that’s kind of a good thing, right? Prolongs the fun of the entire series, after all… What have we learnt so far? That being a downright filthy bag of turnips means you get to shag a demon, but being the slightly-naughty, cocky yet damaged wideboy means you get to shag an angel. Literally. So kids, what can we take away from this? Yup, thought so.

Did some more Winchester Wallpapers. Would have been rude not to.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, my latest ‘Supernatural’ fan-fiction creation is slowly snowballing into unstoppably hyowj proportions:

Doctor bloody Who’: Can we wait for Christmas? Can we bloody hell as like. First off, it means no more fucking carols, phoney cards or well-wishes, and certainly no more bloody waiting for another helping of the good Doctor. And David Morrisey - icing on the cake, as it were.

Got the new Guns N’ Roses new album ‘Chinese Democracy’, and yay, it’s fab. It’s been round and round on iPhone Dax fert last week, and so far about six tracks have stood out. It’s knocked AC/DC’s ‘Black Ice’ from continuous play, so it must be bloody good, after all.

Personal training has been ace - moved onto boxing with sandbags. Apart from knackering my right wrist (purr wee thing never was as strong as my proper left one, bless), it’s been so much fun to actually punch seven shades of shite out of summat asking for it. Talk about stress management: this is so much fun it’s freaky.

Saw ‘Quantum of Solace’ and thought it better than I were warned it would be. Bah. It’s Daniel Craig, after all. I liked it - but a little more certainty about who he were after would have made all the difference.

Waiting fert chance to watch ‘Burn After Reading’, and also fert whiff of ‘How To Lose Friends And Alienate People’ to hit Hong Kong shores.

Been watching ‘Moonlighting’ this week, mostly cos TV sucks the big one and need to find some decent humour or I’ll go stark raving Michael Jackson. Seriously, with such razor-sharp witty lines delivered like summat out of ‘The West Wing’, I’ve been rolling around laffing. How did a gem like this not set up home on my DVD shelf before now? It would right at home next to my boxed sets of ‘Remington Steele’…

And that’s about it. Not very exciting, I’ll grant you, but there it is.

Soopytwist, everyone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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