Monday, 5 January 2009


So I went down the Winchester fert pub quiz last night. In amongst the whisky shots (don’t ask) I helped us snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and then hung about afterwards debating turkey and stuffing flavoured Lays (Walkers) crisps with Best Mate of Bestest Mate.

Dragged myself home, got to bed about 1, got up at 7am. Went to the bank for 9am (ATM was being refilled) and then waited patiently at the crossing to get to the next block with my dentist’s surgery on.

Green man lit up.
I crossed the road.
Got about six feet from the dentist’s door.
The entire dental procedure flashed before my eyes.
All the while I’m starting to sweat and I can feel myself shaking, actually physically shaking.

So I turned around and walked two blocks home again. When I was absolutely sure you couldn’t hear the fear in my voice I called up and apologised for missing my appointment and made a new one for Wednesday.

It’s got to be done, I know that. But I just couldn’t put my hand on the door. Couldn’t do it.

Couldn’t’ is a big word. Never realised till now. I had no control over it, and that’s what scares me. I didn’t want to leave cos it’s just delaying the inevitable. But I just balked at the threshold, turned tail and ran.


Coward shaking and sweating like I’ve just run a two-minute mile. Carrying a forty pound army rucksack.


Al Canroot said...

ner ner neh ner ner! I had root canal before you did! So there!

Anyway, you could have done it, you just didn't "fill your balls up" enough beforehand.

I dunno, pretend the dentist is one of those blokes off the TV that you fancy:)

Shall I add the Benny Hill'esque comment about a good drilling?


Anonymous said...

honey just keep reminding yourself. you're not in 3rd world uk dentistry zone anymore - you'll get GOOD DRUGS! it'll be sooooo worth it. Trust me. I'm a woman who knows all about the fear of poor drugs at rubbish dentists - 6 root canals down appt booked 19th feb! xxx granny w

The Manic Street Preacher said...

My dentist gives me valium. I don't need it but I do like it ;-)

What you think of the new Who?

The Manic Street Preacher said...

Happy New thingy by the way x

Yorkshire Soul said...

I understand, I have to take my wife to a dental phobia clinic where she is sedated even before the examination, costs a bloody fortune but it's the ony way she can cope.

dental implants Sun City said...

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