Thursday, 1 January 2009

Curiosity #1

Got a dentist’s appointment for Monday morning. Root canal. Piece of cake. Absolutely. Well, kinda. Actually? No, not at all. Will ask Nice Lady Dentist if I can keep my headphones in and listen to my Bad Company library on shuffle. Or Steve Carlson. Cos otherwise I will be shaking with fear, gibbering like Dean Winchester suffering from Ghost Sickness. How’s that for an image?

Speaking of which, got a lovely lovely super smashing great excellent early birthday present from Newest Mate: an official Warner Bros. ‘Supernatural’ calendar from 2009.

It’s taken pride of place next to Jarvis II (my iMac). I can’t stop staring at January. It’s… inspiring. At least, it makes all kindsa things pop into my head at random. Couldn’t say why.

And while we’re on pictures, I should show you the weird one I snapped while making my way home after the gym t’other night. How bizarre, how bizarre (“da na na na, da na na na, da na naaa naaa”). Yes, behold the sofa abandoned at a tram stop.

And that’s it. Going to get back on Skype and prove to my Big Sis that the opening riff of Japanese band L’Arc en Ciel’s excellent track “接吻” is almost identical to Jay Gruska’s background guitar music used in too many ‘Supernatural’ episodes to mention. Bwah.


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