Thursday, 16 April 2009

Do what?

So I go into the usual place to get my nails re-done this morning. It went summat like this:

Nail girl: Sorry for change your appointment away from 10am to 11am.
Me: Oh no, you’re alright, it gave me an extra hour in bed.
Nail girl: I always want to ask - is it you work from home?
Me: No, I always dress like this.
Nail girl: What job do you do?
Me: I’ll give you three guesses.
Nail girl: Ah… computer writer? To make programmes?
Me: Oh. That’s a new one.
Nail girl: Because last time I give you the Cosmo magazine, and you ask for the Mac one, so I think you do this for a job.
Me: No, I’m just sad like that.
Nail girl: You have a t-shirt shop?
Me: Nope. Don’t tell me, you’ve clocked the shirts I’ve worn in here in the past?
Nail girl: They are funny. [Points to Hitchhiker’s quote across my chest.]
Me: I like to think so. Makes the day more fun, don’t you think?
Nail girl: I like it. I give you my card, you call me and not the shop next time for your appointment.
Me: Oh. Er. Ok. I think.

Still. Good fun. Have to pick up me new Ray-Bans tomorrow so I can actually see the MTR signs from the platform, and I’ll be right.

In other news, I'm now on Twitter. I know, it's shite. It's useless. But it's like free text messages to everyone I usually blow my monthly 3 bill on. And I get to use a cool likeness.

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