Monday, 6 April 2009

I’m back!

Don’t worry - I know I’ve just spent the week in LA and I’ve had the best time seeing famous telly people and getting autographs and photographs etc., but I won’t be squeeeing about it here. It’ll all be over at the Buckets o’ Crazy site. Along with the pics me and my sister took. So relax, everyone, all I’ll go on about here is how crap the Marriott was, and how much better the cheaper Motel6 place was, and how US Immigration suck the big one in terms of getting people through the gate and actually into the sodding country (90 minutes. Yes, 90 minutes. I shit you not. Got back to HK and it took a grand total of 70 to get FROM THE PLANE TO MY FLAT).

Anyway, what’s going on? Oh, yeah - we saw two episodes of ‘Supernatural’ and then we were blind-sided with the fact that the show’s on yet another hiatus and won’t be back till 23rd April. Why Shakespeare’s attributed birthday? Who knows…

On a personal note, was having more feelings of giving up writing fiction, and actually did go so far as to put everything into a zipped file, back it up on DVD and then put it all away. I actually spring-cleaned all writing files from my Jarvis II (my amazing iMac) and determined I was not going to open them up again, that it was all over.

Had my holiday and my fingers were itching after about three days. Got home to my flat at about 10a.m., unpacked, made a hot fresh pot of real tea, had a hot shower, adjusted to the fact that I’d lost 15 hours on the plane (took off on time, was one hour late getting in. I don’t know, and I don’t care, either) and then had to put my clock forward 15 hours too, and it was in Sunday without the benefit of having had Saturday first.

Did my washing, had some noodles (YAAAAAAAAYY!!) and settled down to take stock.

And then I realised I hadn’t changed my calendar from March to April. So I picked up March’s sheet and pulled it off, and underneath I found~~


Sorry. I found this:

Not bad, eh? There’s summat nice to come home to, and no mistake. I haven’t seen May’s page, and I refuse to peek. You never know what it might be. It’s one of those tiny ways I like to torture myself re: the possibilities being endless.

Anyway, what was I~~. Oh yes - by 4p.m. I was getting out my DVD of writing stuff and transferring my current Work In Progress back to my beloved Jarvis and re-reading the lot to see where I had got up to. So then I banged out about 2,000 words and realised that all I needed was the possibility it could be taken away, and then I wanted it back. Writing, I mean. So yeah, you can expect more fan-fiction of the ‘Supernatural’ variety in a few weeks, maybe less.

Shopping. I picked myself up Serenity from the Dark Horse Comic Store at Universal Studio’s Citywalk:

Yes, isn’t she lovely? Yes. AND SHE’S ALL MINE.

That’s about it, really. I’m apparently supposed to be having a shower and getting ready for work, or something. I think. Not really sure. Clock says it’s 11a.m., but is that morning or evening? Must be morning if there’s work in the very near future.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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The Preacherman said...

1st Doc special tonight at 7:45pm UK time.

I'm warming up with the last box set.

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