Wednesday, 13 May 2009

In anticipation of the end…

Danger! Danger! Spoilers Will Robinson!
Supernatural season 4 spoilers are contained in the following post!

So here we are, waiting impatiently for the very last episode, the season finale, of Supernatural’s fourth year - and yet also hoping it’ll never come. It’s odd, you know. It still feels like it’s only just got started. I’m sitting here, thinking I don’t want the last episode to hit in just about 35 hours, that I don’t want season four to be over. Cos it’s only got five years to run, right? The God Who Is Eric Kripke himself stated that he is only here for five years - and so is his baby. After all, who wants a show that just goes on and on and on without an end in sight? (Yes, ‘Lost’, I’m talking to you.) And it’s only been on telly a few weeks, right? Just a few weeks ago season four started up… Or did it? I’ve sat here, thinking “Season finale already? What the fuck? Where did the first 21 episodes go?

I had this really weird flashback, acid trip-style, of:

… red angel handprints on ROWWRR! shoulders, Henrikson and Meg (and Ronald!), raw hamburgers and fire, Mary Winchester with Director Skinner, fucking ace shapeshifters, teddy bear doctors (AND TED RAIMI!) and ‘fessing up to Hell moments, finding yourself re-hymenated in a black and white monster movie, evil egging astronauts and Sam-haaayyyne (Sow-in! It’s pronounced Sow-in, dumbasses!), Sam doing the McNasty, Dean doing the luuuurve thing in the Back Seat Of Paradise, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rrrrrrrrgghh - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rrrrgghh - that wus scary!”, littlest Benders (who aren’t Benders, cos that was season two), the Red Gym Shorts of Porn, Proto!Dean and kick-ass Wee!Sam, sirens and me going “dude, he luuurves your car and he knows all the Led Zeppelin tracks - he is SO THE SIREN!”, and “y’know all that stuff we said under the influence? Not true, right? = LIE”, and magicians and Sam going all “I don’t want to do this when I’m old” emo, Mr Myagi jokes and The Boys having an out-of-body experience fert weekend, re-appearing reapers, torturing demons (you make him suffer, Dean! You hear me!), Sammy-Sam-Samuel and his new breakfast of champions courtesy of Ruby, Zachariah thinking Dean is the sunshine of his life, (Jeremy) Carver (Ben) Edlund writing the Winchesters Gospel, Prophet Chuck being left-handed (as is Zachariah’s host), Adam Milligan making me go “What was the point in that? It would have worked fine if he hadn’t been John’s boy after all”, Castiel getting sent home to get a right bollocking, leaving his human host Jimmy to eat, eat, and er, go shag his wife, and then Dark!Sam having it out with GivingUpGivingUpGivingAFuck!Dean before Dean goes all John and tells him that if he does piss off, he should never, ever come back…

And then I’ve went “oh yeah, that’s where the first 21 episodes went… What a ride! If this were a Magic Fingers machine, every 25c would cost 50 bucks!

So all I have to say is….

Dean! Kick Sam’s ass!
Do it! Do it!
He’s being a twat! He deserves it!
Only you can save the world!


And if that doesn’t galvanise you, take a quick squiz at the masters of topical humour: Kickin’ Ass. And I’d also like to point out that I’m not the only one who thinks the great grudge match that will be Sam v Dean should be televised on Pay-Per-View.

It’s going to be a looooooong 35 hours. Oop - 34 now. I haven’t been this on edge since John Simm turned up as The Master and tried to force David Doctor Ten Tennant into regenerating…

And notice, I still don’t know the name of the season finale…

LATE EDIT: Just added this to the Buckets Of Crazy. Cos I like to play with Photoshop, apparently.


* "All your base are belong to us" - Explanation here!

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