Friday, 15 May 2009

Screaming and squeeeing and shouting, oh my!

Just watched the season four finale of ‘Supernatural’. My first reaction?

My second reaction? A hyowj great “But that was never 40 minutes just now! Oh no no no! No it wasn’t! Oooh what a lie!

And then I realised, while commenting on a million other people’s blogs and shite, that I should just get on an write my own drivel down. So here we are.

Danger! Danger! Spoilers Will Robinson!
Supernatural season 4 finale spoilers are contained in the following post!

First off - got to love that Zachariah dude - offering Dean burgers, beer, birds from his adolescent fantasies - even two virgins and seventy sluts, and calling him Heaven’s little Russell Crowe complete with surly attitude.

Got to love Castiel for finally growing a pair, for 'making it up as we go', for doing nasty blood-spells and choosing right from fucked up, piss-poor management - and going with whom he admires is prepared to take a chance on, and, as always, for speaking volumes with his silent eyes.

Got to love Dean for - well, being Dean, name-dropping Star Trek icons, smashing little porcelain angels, smacking Castiel in the mouth and then pretending it didn’t hurt, for talking him into getting him out of his lock-down, for doing that breaking-their-concentration-to-get-into-someone's-eye-line thing (but how does Dean know that Castiel has a lilly-white ass?), for listening to Bobby (even though I thought Bobby was wrong - me! I thought Bobby was wrong! I should have slapped myself for that!), for paying Chuck a visit to get the dirty secrets, for finally sticking that knife into Ruby, and for just being Dean fuckin’ Winchester. You got to love a character like that!

Got to love Sam, for going 'gimme a damn minute, Ruby!' like he meant it. Got to pity Sam - for being the last to know he were screwed over so fucking richly by that bitch, for believing in that fake voicemail (as arranged by Zach?), for that look on his face as he realises he's just wee-leased Woderwick, for - despite everything he's done and everything he now thinks of himself, he's still SAM (and did anyone else notice the date on his Blackberry thing was May 14th?) - for going against his instincts even though he knew he should have been listening to his brother… Purr wee lamb, he needs Dean, right? Everyone accuses Dean of being the dumb one (it’s the hair), but I’ve got to say, fuck me, does he ever see things without the slant people tend to put on it.

Got to love Ruby for dying at last. Yay!

And of course - got to love The God Who Is Eric Kripke for keeping us fucked off enough with Ruby for twenty-two episodes (not as easy as it sounds!) so that when she’s finally ganked by the brothers working together at the end, we relish it even more. Script-writing genius.

So what’s coming next? Is Lucifer seriously rising? Just who the fuck are they going to get to play him? And how’s Dean supposed to take him down? I’m guessing a swift kick to the nads and a knee-slam to the head is not going to do it this time. Zach mentioned tools - does Dean get his own fallen angel killing weapon? I’m going to go with…. Chakram. Or a pair of Chinese wind and fire wheels. Now that would be cool… Nah, I’m just messing with you - like they’d really give him any of those…

What we have to remember, kids, what we really really really have to take away with us, is that The Boys seem to be together again. At least for now. I can’t see how a little thing like Lucifer appearing (hopefully in the form of Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Campbell, David Duchovney? Or let's go for all-out hypocrisy and make it a girl - I vote for Lucy Lawless! You know it makes sense!) is going to tear them asunder. Cos as is so true in life - you have two or three blokes as mates and everything’s fan-dabby-dosey. As soon as a girl gets in the mix, it all gets fucked up. And now Ruby’s gone… We might be alright. Winchesters United against a fallen angel with a fuck-off hyowj flashlight? Bring it on!

I would like to know what happened to Anna, though. It was implied (a white light - just a white light - like the one that killed Henrikson?) but not actually shown. Was she dragged back to Heaven to get a bloody good hiding? Or is God even at home these days? From what Uriel and Zach have said, He isn’t. Not good. Is this season 5? Is this the monumental struggle they’ll deal with for twenty-two episodes, bittersweet in their kick-ass-but-every-new-one-brings-us-closer-to-the-end-ness? Who knows. I’m certainly not going to start second guessing The God Who Is Eric Kripke. Not when he’s given us four years of fucking excellent entertainment. Sam and Dean starting out at loggerheads, then realising the other was right? Then going full circle to get back together? Who can compete with that, man?

So all that remains is to go with the girlie porn. Cos that’s what’s really putting bums on seats for this finale, right? Right? Ok then:

And that’s all I’ve got to say. I think. Will need to watch it again just to make sure…

And word has it, we might get season five in the autumn - perhaps even September. Bloody marvellous!

Peach and lube, everyone! Peach and fucking lube!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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