Saturday, 15 August 2009

Major Catch Up

And Sergeant Where Did The Last Fortnight Go? Yes, I know I haven’t blogged in years, but I’ve been distracted. Nay, busy. It’s summer school this month and as such, things are busier, free time is shorter, and the will to do owt but lie ont sofa and watch DVDs when you get home from work much stronger.

First off - been laughing at the audacity but cheeky fun of that bloke as put a sign up on the M60. Yes, you know the one - the wee copy of the Hollywood sign, except it says ‘Hollinwood’. Ace. Pity it were taken it down - he should have kept it up. Except the folks over in Hollywood (that’s in Stockport, not the USA) could be a mite put out that they didn’t think of it first...

Then I heard a rumour that the amazingly successful laughfest that is ‘Evil Dead: The Musical’ may be made into a film (oh, the ouroboros-ity!), as even the mighty Sam Raimi himself has been approached and seems amenable. Please say this is one rumour that won’t turn out to be a pile of shite. I’ve never been lucky enough to get to anywhere running the musical, so I will be the first in line to see a motion picture version.

Then there was going to see ‘Public Enemies’ last Saturday night. Mate may have had unshed girl tears cos she didn’t know the ending ‘fore she went in. Aw, bless her cottons. And it was Johnny Depp, after all. Still, pretty good stuff, if a little typical Michael Mann-ish in that it was Wong Kar Wai with guns and more angst (if such a thing is possible). Good entertainment. We’re off to the ‘The Hangover’ Monday night - which admittedly, would not have been my first choice, but I do need to get out of my work-sofa-work-sofa routine of late. It also looks like I’ll be going to see ‘Drag Me To hell’ on my lonesome, as I’m the only one round these parts as likes a bit of Sam Raiminess int dark. But at least I’ll see it on big screen. Huzzah!

Then there was the arsing about with Twitter and Facebook. Granted, I avoid Facebook unless I get an e-mail telling me summat less boring or inane than usual has affected my profile, so I really couldn’t give a pair of foetid dingo’s kidneys what happens there. I was rather annoyed at the mess that became of Twitter though, seeing as how I’m using it habitually these days. It was rather rude to find out I was unable to connect to the annoyingly addictive timeline anywhere other than on Tinternet - purr wee iPhone Dax did her best, but she was shut out for days. Resetting my and Twitpic log-ins was a bummer, but it did seem to restore access. Until Twitpic went tits up again and stopped adding pics and links to my Twitter timeline. Ah well. And does keep forgetting to add my blips to my Twimeline, too. Git. I’ll sort it later.

Which brings me to one of the two major reasons I’ve not been blogging: writing fan-fiction for ‘Supernatural’. Finished a wee one-shot for that challenge back last month (failed miserably, but hey, I took part). Here we go with a shameless plug:


Rating: Rated K+
SEASON 4 SPOILERS. Written for UnGen Summer 09 Challenge re: The Fire, November 2nd, 1983. One fire, three perspectives, only one conclusion. References episodes 1x09 (Home) and 4x17 (It’s A Terrible Life).
Posted first (as always) at
I do not own the TV show ‘Supernatural’ either in whole or in part, but I wish I could write episodes full time. Or get a life. Or both.

And that zombie story I started in February? I put it away for the LA convention in March, pulled it out again last month and still haven’t quite finished it yet, but it is finally starting to roll off the post-production line:


Rating: Rated T for language. And maybe the McNasty. And perhaps spades in necks.
Set mid season 4. In 1987, John has a bad case of zombies, perhaps his worst yet. Meanwhile, in 2009, his boys discover that while some witches do no harm, objects in the rear view memory may appear hazier than they are. And they carry shovels.
Posted first (as always) at
I do not own the TV show ‘Supernatural’ either in whole or in part, but Eric Kripke is my dealer.

So all I have left to say is that the other reason I haven’t been blogging is cos I’ve been wetting myself over watching ‘Farscape’ (one day I will have to make a note here of John Crichton’s best one-liners) and finishing that work of ‘Enterprise’ fan-fiction. Which I have technically finished, except for naming the bastard. I’ll sort it very soon.

Can you say ‘when fandoms collide’? I can - especially as I’m trying to get through season two of ‘Psych’ before I get to catch up with season three and the new season four as just started airing. And I’m mourning the airing break that ‘Burn Notice’ is going through right now until bloody January, and still wibbling over the end of ‘Torchwood’ series three and what that smug bugger Russell T. Davies did to my favourite character (yes, over and above my unearthly love for Captain Jack Harkness). GRRRR! Bad RTD, no cookies! And then I’m only up to season three of ‘Farscape’ but have to be ready for 10th September (or 11th in my neck of the woods) for season five of ‘Supernatural’ to start all over again… Another six (or seven) months of start-stop-start-stop sweeps / seasonal breaks / repeats mid-season broadcasting, avoiding spoilers, refusing to look at casting for next week’s episode and generally getting much too excited about each story as it airs. I’m hoping for a re-appearance from Chuck Shurley, the Trickster, Anna Milton (please don’t say she was brain-bleached by God’s minions) and of course Castiel. I can only hope he made it out of the season four finale, even after the way it ended. Oh, and that Dean finally goes postal on Lucifer. Please, please can we have Dean Winchester go Dark Side and eee-vil (like fruuu-its of the devil) and carve him / it / him into small pieces? (And I still vote Lucifer be played by Lucy Lawless - or David Duchovney. Or Jeffrey Combs. Or The God Who Is Bruce Campbell, seeing as he was down to be Big Damn Hero John Winchester but was unavailable…) Yes? Ok, thanks. Many cybercookies your way, Mr Eric Kripke. Love you long time.

Ok, that shallot. Onion. Thing. Time for more Farscape. I doubt anything could compete with ‘Crackers Don’t Matter’, ‘They’re Out Of Their Minds’ or ‘Relativity’ for Best Frelling Episode Other Than ‘Scratch ‘n Sniff’, but I’ve been surprised before. You never know what will come next to trounce all that’s come before. Fuck me, do I love sci-fi. (But not ‘Sy-Fy’. That’s just silly.)


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