Monday, 28 September 2009

Bruce Willis

Fuck bubblewrap - there's nowt like the satisfying crack of stepping on a cockroach or two to really brighten your day.

In other news, saw Surrogates just now, and thought it was better than everyone's been saying it is. I liked it. I liked the irony. I liked the twists. I liked the idea. I liked the symmetry. I liked Bruce Willis. I thought he did a fine job, and all those moaning minnies saying he can't cut it any more can fuck a long way off: Bruce still kicks arse. He can't not: he's Bruce Willis. And seeing as how I really miss him now, and this Thursday's a public holiday, I think I'll be revisiting a couple of my favourite Bruce movies. And maybe a few episodes of Moonlighting, too.

Next week's movie: District 9. And the Tuesday night movie after that? Why, Taking Woodstock, of course!

Peach and lube, people.


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