Monday, 23 November 2009

Stop! Update time!

So work’s been a bitch this week, and overtime has crept in so that I’ve watched all my favourite shows but not had time to log about them.

Note to self: find a way to get your Twitter feed RSS’d to your blog so you don’t need to update.

Anyway, let’s see… Ah… Bought two CDs in a shop (did not just download them from iTunes for a change): Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin and Them vs You vs Me by Finger Eleven. So far Breaking Benjamin is winning. Finger Eleven will have to grow on me - the song I adore, ‘One Thing’, is on a different album. No harm done - means I get an extra track to try instead of one I already have.

Saw the Supernatural mid-season finale and really REALLY need to blog about that - but that’ll be in a separate post. I have done a few posts re: the show for the Daily Buckets Of Crazy site, which is why I haven’t directly commented on shite here. But seeing as the show is officially on hiatus (commonly referred to by fans as ‘hellatus’) until 21st January 2010, I think I have a few days’ breathing room to yak about season five goings-on.

Still waiting for Burn Notice to return, but popular consensus says 28th January, 2010, so again, I’ll just have to wait it out.

Waiting on my mega DVD set of Farscape, which came out 17th November, but seeing as Amazon US have already sent it, I can calmly sit back and patiently wait for my postie to bring it, can’t I? Can I fuck! I want it NOW! And I’ve pre-ordered my hardback copy of the Farscape comic ‘Gone And Back’, so roll on December and the release. BOOM! Studios are ace and I can’t wait for the next instalment of the whole Moya saga.

Which brings us to Doctor bloody Who.

Yes, I saw it. Yes, I was shouting ‘No, Doctor, no!’ Yes, I was shocked and appalled at his actions. Yes, I felt a horribly cold hand clutch at my one heart at the end… But the trailer for Christmas? How amazing was that? I am just so upset we’re losing David Tennant, but that’s a record that’s wearing thin and I shan’t keep playing it. Except to say I’m totally and in every way gutted that he’s leaving. (But intrigued by this ‘Rex Is Not Your Lawyer’ series thing he’s supposed to be making a pilot for in the US.) John Simm and Catherine Tate back again? Marvellous. Can’t think of a better ending - oh wait, yes I can - Martha Jones, too. Bah. Anyway, if it’s as good as last year’s Christmas effort then I’ll be happy. I wasn’t too impressed with the Planet Of The Dead, and though this Waters Of Mars was all shiny shiny aceness old skool Doctor style, it ended on a downer - at least for me personally. Hmm.

And that’s all the shite I’m willing to impart just now. I’m sure I’ll be back soon with more, though.


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Four Dinners said...

It wouldn't be Christmas without the Doc.

Hope the new guy pans a feeling he will...

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