Thursday, 19 November 2009

What am I, speaking Erdu?

Stop kicking me under the table - put that down - don’t do that - take that OUT OF YOUR MOUTH - that’s still my foot you’re kicking - don’t do that! - when I said ‘no’, I meant NO - really, don’t do that - how many times do I have to tell you about kicking people - I don’t care whose it is, put it in the bin - stop that - QUIETLY! - don’t do that - stop playing with the pencil - if you stab that rubber one more time I’m taking it away - DON’T DO THAT - I said STOP - again with the feet under the table! - one more time, and you sit outside - STOP THAT - ok, no game for you - do NOT draw on your paper - are you even listening? - DO NOT DO THAT - ok, everyone stop--

Students. They should all be shot. I don’t have much sanity left, but what I do have is starting to erode under the constant wearing down process.

I think I need a holiday.


1 comment:

Four Dinners said...

You sound like Caz when we go out for Sunday lunch....and there's only me with her...;-)

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