Wednesday, 30 December 2009


So it’s been a looooooong holiday, which is kind of odd cos it was only three days and I really wanted another three tacked ont end. Anyway, those three days went by really fast but I felt every minute of them. Sick all day Christmas Day, stayed under my duvets and slept. Boxing Day was pretty much eating crap and having a real Fandom Friday (on a Saturday! I’m such a rebel!) by watching Never Mind The Buzzcocks (recent David Tennant edition) followed by a double bill of Farscape, and then the Christmas Day Doctor bloody Who to top it all off. Phew.

Sunday - writing. And writing. And writing. And Skype being a twat and cutting me off every five minutes. No pub quiz = me killing monsters and twisting knives in popular characters. In stories, you understand.

I woke up this morning to find the results of the 2009 UnGen Awards (over at Supernaturalville, the best place for Supernatural fan fiction) had been announced.

And this is where I stand on my chair and start partying like vodka’s $19.99:

Yeah, those banners (made by the lovely artists also at SPNVille) are entirely clickable and they will take you to the winning/runner-up stories. And yeah, that’s me still partying. I’ve never won owt before and this place is kind of special to me, so getting not only nominated but also voted a winner by the readers of the site has pretty much made my month. I went to work with a bemused smile on my face that later turned into a smug grin, and even though my wrist is killing me because I spent hours poring over and finishing my latest fan fiction story last night (still code-named SPN38 at the moment while I think of a cunning title), I’m still grinning right now.

… But I wasn’t even aware that ‘Abra Cadaver’ WAS a romance…


And THEN I realised I hadn’t even pimped this one-shot all about Castiel!

I think that’s everything. Yeah. Hope you all had as good a Christmas as I did. Got some really cool presents, too, but I think I’ll leave that for another day. I’ve already pestered you good people enough.

Peach and lube, everyone, peach and frelling lube!


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Four Dinners said...

The new Doc on New Years Day evening.....

Farewell David of Tennent. Four years of excellence!!!!!!

Happy New Year babe xx

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