Tuesday, 19 January 2010


… and then he turns to me and says ‘How am I supposed to get it in at that angle?!’. --Oh! Hello, sorry, didn’t see you there. Just that I had a great birthday drinks cake fun and quiz thing Sunday night and yesterday (Monday) was a pretty ace day too. Let’s see - got some lovely cyber-pressies (NSFW pics FTW! Talk about p0rn for the fangirl! Phew!) and a lovely pie-and-a-pint dinner at The Chippy (no really, that’s the name of the place). Even my Farscape hardcover volume three comic book came int post - ‘Gone and Back’.

How cool is that? And look - it’s even got Winona on the cover under the dust jacket! AWESOME!SAUCE~

A great big hyowj thank you to Boom! Studios for getting it to me so that it arrived actually on my birthday. Wowzers.

Anyway, what was I doing? Oh right, yes - pimping. It’s fic time again, and I think I’m onto something here…

Title: “Better Out Than In”

Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Rated T for language, and if we’re really lucky, bloody fights!
Category: AU. Set just after the season finale of season 3, as if seasons 4 and 5 never happened. SPOILERS for season 5, though. How in the world did that happen?
After the closing moments of season three, Dean finds his way back to his family. Or does he?
Posted first (as always) at SPNVille.net.
I do not own the TV show ‘Supernatural’ either in whole or in part, but I wish I could write episodes full time. Or get a life. Or both.

Slowly getting round to adding all the links and shite back in my sidebar there, so bear with me. I’ve actually lost a lot of links I used to read all the time, so if you see that you’re missing, please tell me. And that’s all the news that fit to print.

Cheers m’dears~ Stick a fork in me, it’s been grand.

~ ~

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Four Dinners said...

You know what?

I watched the first few 'Supernatural' episodes with Caz and we well enjoyed them.

For some reason lost in the mists of time we then stopped.

I really wish we hadn't.

I'll have to wait until I retire to catch up!!!!

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