Saturday, 16 January 2010

'Kin 'ell

Got home at 8.30pm. It's now 1.25am, and what have I accomplished? Nowt but this new CSS shite I've cobbled together to make this blog look different fert new year.

Yes, I know, all the links and widgets and dubreys are missing, but hey, I'll get round to putting 'em back, alright? Right now I'm just patting myself ont back for having managed to sort out enough to (1) make my own header image and get it int right spot and (2) not tear all of my hair out trying to get some of this to look like it should.

That's all I'm doing today. Sunday tomorrow - posting new chapters to the FF archive, pub quiz and hopefully a free birthday shot from the Man In The Winchester.



The Silent Voices in my Mind said...

LOVE the new look!!

Are you ready for the return of Supernatural this Thursday? You watch them online so you can get them right away, right?

Doctor Who EoTp2 broke my heart! Don't know if this new kid can pull it off or not but we'll see. Do you have any idea when the new season begins?

Hope all is well!

Soupdragon said...

Ta very much! I am looking forward to SPN - very much! But then I'm kinda NOT looking forward to it, cos there's only 11 episodes to go... :(
We'll have to wait and see on this new Matt Smith bloke, too. I have faith in the writing team, but... yet... Well, I don't know. It'll all come out in the wash, eh?
Hope you're doing well over there. :)

Four Dinners said...

I shed a tear or three....

"I don't want to go"....


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