Tuesday, 23 March 2010

This week in ramblings

So we’ve went to go and see The Hurt Locker last night. I have to say it was so much better than Shutter Island. There were a lot of reasons for this - first and foremost would be the idea that it was compelling. Next would be that I actually cared about the characters.

I was not at all put off by the gore, and the film was fascinating to watch. There were a few minutes where I felt I knew how much time had passed for the film, but overall it was a really good watch. I can see why it won the Oscar for Best Film, and as I haven’t seen Avatar I can’t say whether it’s a better film or not.

So that’s one good thing I’ve done this week. I’ve done a few other good things too, but unless you read Supernatural fan fiction you probably won’t appreciate them.

Little sister e-mailed me with an idea for a story a couple of weeks back, and I leapt on it like a half-starved leopard. I wrote a chapter or two in the same sitting, then send them to her by e-mail for very critical assessment. It’s been the most fun and the best way to get a story finished. It’s been an absolute blast and I’m actually sad that it’s all done. It’s kind of finished but I think it still needs some polishing. When it is finished and when it finally goes live on the Internet, have no doubt I shall be pimping it here too. It was supposed to be a run-of-the-mill, easy tale of the usual problems of keeping yourself alive while hunting various supernatural creatures. However, mulling it over (mull it, mull it, mullet), while making a cup of tea, I realised I was on the verge of coming out with one of those really odd split personality type William Burroughs tales. And that’s exactly what it turned into. I’m actually really happy about that because recently I’ve worried that everything I’ve done has been lacking flavour and personality. This latest effort - nearly 30,000 words in one week - has assured me that I’m just as twisted and perversely white and black as ever.

So Burn Notice has finished for the season but according to Jeffrey Donovan’s twitter feed, they are starting filming on season four right now. Excellent news - after watching all of season one within about three weeks, I was worried that we wouldn’t get any more seasons. That really pissed me off until obviously they were renewed for season two and three and now four. I just hope season four is as ace as the previous three series have been.

Supernatural is back this Friday (well, Thursday for the USA, but Friday in my time zone) and we can’t wait. It’s odd - I was really really hoping that season five would be the end of Supernatural. Not because I don’t like the show but because I love it. I was really worried that if we did get a season six it wouldn’t be as good as the previous five series. Now that season six has been confirmed, I’m a little worried that it could go all LOST bollocks where it just goes on and on and on and on with no end in sight. I’m also a little worried about the Russell T Davies factor. I trust the God who is Eric Kripke not to screw us over with the season five finale like Russell T Davies did to us for David Tennant’s Doctor bloody Who finale. However, I’m not sure that the new production team that takes over for season six is a good idea. I know that Eric Kripke will still be overseeing much of what goes on but from what I hear he will not be as hands-on as he was for the first five series. This is a little bit worrying to me, as when the creative force behind the show slips further into the background, it paves the way for all kinds of jumping-the-shark bollocks to go on (but as the great prophet Chuck Shurley once said - “it’s not really jumping the shark if you never come down”). Not that I’m saying that this is what will happen, but it’s one of my fears. Also, how do you write the arc and complete season six without the guy’s input? After all, he did say that his idea had a five season arc, and then it will be done and dusted. Would it not be better to finish on a high at the end of season five, and then perhaps negotiate some kind of movie deal? I for one would love to see really big Sam and really huge Dean on the big screen. But then, would anyone else who doesn’t watch the series really be interested?

This was supposed to be a really short post, but you know how I get when I start talking. Yes, I did say talking. I’m using MacSpeech Dictate at the moment as I have really painful RSI in my right wrist and my left hand is developing nerve problems from clicking the godsdamn mouse too many fucking times. This is not helped by Twitter parties doing Supernatural re-watches, Thursday morning Farscape re-watches via AIM, or doing the latest load of LOLcaps. For those of you lucky enough to have escaped my previous LOLcaps, I probably should explain that this means doing a Supernatural episode recap, in pictures that use lolcat speech. Very childish but highly amusing. I am working on one as we speak, following our latest Twitter party that comprised of a Supernatural Shapeshifter Sunday marathon - namely, watching the episodes Skin, Nightshifter, and Monster Movie back to back. A very good time was had by all and we will be doing more very soon - but more on that later.

And that’s pretty much everything I have two bang on about. I’m going to leave it here before MacSpeech gets annoyed with me rambling about shite.

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