Sunday, 28 March 2010

We can has zombie nao?

Phew! If I said I weren’t in need of a neck and back massage right now I’d be a lying liar who lies - this LOLcap of Supernatural 5x15 is not only entirely spoilery but also 144 caps!

So you know the drill:
1. It’s a LOLcap, like the others I’ve done.
2. None of the people, characters, plots or owt belong to me. It’s all The God Who Is Eric Kripke’s, baby.
3. This episode contained GORE (YAY!), and yes, I’ve made sure to include it in the caps.
4. Your Mileage May Vary regarding the humour and/or motivations of characters herein. Please comment if you feel the need.
5. Most of the fangirl-flailing was caused by Ackle-eptic fits.

On with the show!

And that's pretty much it. Off to the shops I go, go complete phase one of my Easter pooter project.


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