Friday, 12 November 2010

2fer! (Kinda)

So in between watching The Walking Dead’ (good!), gratuitous amounts of Corrie (Jaaaaaack!) and basically writing about 3,000 words a day on various fanfiction and original fiction (It’s mine! And you can’t have it! At least, not till someone decides to sign me on to get it published…) projects, I managed to join another fanfic archive. Mainly because keeps trashing my old Doctor bloody Who fics and Supernatural, taking out scene breaks and deleting made-up monster or planet names that are the whole crux of the running gags and sodding plot.

Well I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more! I’m now a proud member of multi-fandom (“MOOLTIPASS!”) board known as Archive Of Our Own, and so far it’s been bloody ace.

Quick question - why can I never find any Battlestar Galactica fanfiction that isn’t slash? (I’m talking 1978. And yes, in my world, Starbuck will always be a bloke and he’ll always be Apollo’s best mate. Not shag-buddy. That’s just wrong.)

Anyway - enough yakking, time to pimp. And I did say there were two…

Ten, Jack, Queen, King

Rating:Rated T for a few naughty words, and some weighty themes.
Sam and Dean need to take care of a small werewolf problem. Trouble is, there are these two nutters barging in who think it's a lupovariform. Black Impalas, white moons, blue boxes and red herrings - will the weirdness never end?
This is not about season 5 or 6, demons, angels, blood, Luci, Michael, or in fact anything current. Don't phone in, it's just a bit of fun!
I said I'd never do another crossover after 'Case For The Defense', but my wee sister asked for this one especially. Blame her. Or just buy her cookies.

Also posted at An Archive Of Our Own.
I do not own the TV show Supernatural, nor the TV show Doctor bloody Who either in whole or in part, because if I did I wouldn’t be poncing about writing stuff down about them here for one, and two, I’d be rich and infamous.


That one’s complete. This one, however, has chapter 1 of 5 posted so far:

Billy’s On The Case

Rating:Rated K+. Come on, man, it’s The A Team! What did you expect for a rating?
Murdock's lost Billy, Face is losing his patience, BA wants his holiday, and Hannibal just wants the case solved. Easy! Friendships will be tested, lies will be told, fights will be started. How episodically canon-tastic can you get? 
Definitely the TV series characters - I don't know the movie people well enough. Which says something about the update, doesn't it? - I LIKED IT. Just not as much as the series.
Also posted at
I do not own the TV show ‘The A Team’ either in whole or in part, because if I did I wouldn’t be writing, I’d be arsing about with Face and Murdock.


And there we go - all done!

Ok, carry on, you lot.

~ ~ ~

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